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Will Grier

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Shane Carden (Low) – Tyler Wilson (Medium) – Bruce Gradkowski (High)


“Grier’s statistical output and style of big game hunting in the Big 12 has made him one of the favorite quarterback prospects for plenty of media outlets throughout the past couple years. His 2017 tape was littered with throws that jumped off the screen and made you question if Grier was more than just a typical air raid quarterback. I have some bad news if you believed it. He’s not. Grier’s game is certainly worth taking a look at from the perspective of a late round selection, but he doesn’t have the mental processing, mechanical refinement, or natural arm talent to find high levels of success as a pro quarterback. Grier may have some hidden arm strength that is locked away behind the mechanical flaws, but it doesn’t ever show up because of how poor his power generation is. He creates all of his throws purely with his arm rather than incorporating his legs to drive the ball downfield. Grier has seemingly grown out of his tendency to throw off of his back foot, but he doesn’t transfer his weight properly on his throws still. Grier’s arm talent will be below the benchmark that some teams will want, as he doesn’t have enough on his throws to hit difficult “”NFL”” caliber shots into traffic. His passes are going to constantly be in danger of being prayed upon by reactive defensive backs. His upper body mechanics aren’t much better either, as he has an inconsistent release point that is always adjusting to deal with passing lane changes. He’ll have to correct for pressure in his face and release high over the top on most of his throws, but Grier does not find consistency in his throwing motion. His mental game is not something he can hang his hat on either, as he did not frequently work through multiple reads in the WVU system. He can work to the checkdown or flip on crossing routes, but most of his choices were already made pre-snap. He doesn’t make the boneheaded throws often, but still grapples with having an arm that can’t hit every throw. His ball placement, particularly deep, makes up for a lot of the other flaws in Grier’s game. He can drop passes in the bucket over the top or allow his receivers an opportunity to go high point it. The placement can waver when working outside the hashes, but inside of them he doesn’t have many duds. Another benchmark that Grier may not hit for teams is height, which will likely have him coming in around 6’1″”. It affects his game as evidenced by the issues with finding lanes to throw through. He doesn’t command the pocket by any means, but can navigate through chaos and find a place to throw from. Scrambling may be off the menu for him as a pro, but his eyes typically stay downfield to find options.”

Reads & Decisions

Able to go beyond his first read when given adequate time in the pocket; one-two guy who can peel off to find backup option. Anticipation is evident in his throws, as the ball will be on the way out prior to the break point. Was not asked to make many decisions in the West Virginia offense, usually just attacking leverage that was identified pre-snap. More of a checkdown finder than a full field reader. Willing to take unnecessary risks and put passes into the danger zone. Trusts his arm too much. Needs to identify underneath coverages before putting passes in the way of danger. Was given plenty of pre-determined quick hitters as a senior. Stares down his man often. Processing needs sped up if he wants to fit into a pro offense. Reigned in some of the gunslinger choices from his junior season.

Accuracy & Ball Placement

Tendency to pull his release will result in misplaced passes. Has shown talent with altering pass trajectories and putting arc under the ball to present an easier catch for his receivers. Experience attacking the field vertically has helped develop touch. Ball placement is solid downfield, as he gives his receivers good lead with the ball. Accuracy deterioriates when he is forced to put a lot of zip on the ball. Particularly effective creating jump ball situations. Floated multiple passes high when throwing outside in the short game against Texas. Mistimings seem to be a massive issue when attempting to adjust velocities. Throws over the middle tend to be in front of the target and set up YAC opportunities. Will need perfect placement to make up for physical deficiencies.

Pocket Awareness & Scrambling

Looks just a shade over 6’1″”, which may turn off teams looking for a quarterback who meets more traditional benchmarks. Feels backside pressure and climbs to avoid it. Eyes stay downfield when the play breaks down. Has the mobility to get away from pressure and escape towards the sideline. Seems uninterested in scrambling even when opportunities present themselves. Fought through would-be sacks against conferenced competition, but may struggle to escape NFL defenders once they latch on. No problems working rollouts or exiting the pocket by design. Needs to be more proactive in his movements within the pocket, rather than moving when pressure breaks through. Does not create throwing lanes for himself within the pocket; lacks the control a smaller guy needs.”

Mechanics & Throwing Motion

Throwing motion is a bit herky-jerky, resulting in some mishaps with accuracy. Release point can dip far below average, which compounds with height concerns. May have an abnormally high amount of his passes batted as a pro if the upper body mechanics aren’t adjusted. Throwing motion alters dramatically from a snap to snap basis even when he is unpressured. Tries to go all arm as a means of generating power rather than starting from his base. Ball doesn’t come out of his hand smoothly, tending to wobble and shake on the way to the target. Does not have a particularly fast release. Unreliable lower body setup even when pocket is clean. Feet do not always align with the target; throws without squaring up. General inconsistency makes his throws tough to predict.

Arm Strength

Velocity is average at best, and does not seem adequate to make tight window throws across the middle of the field. Ball does not come out easily; looks like he’s throwing a ball with an extra couple pounds added to it. Forced to load up hard on his downfield shots. Will likely have issues when faced with tough conditions like wind or rain. At risk of having boundary throws undercut by defensive backs due to poor arm and longer release. Had a tendency to throw off of his back foot in 2017. Unwillingness to incorporate lower body into his throws as a means of creating power on his throws. Arm may max out around 50-55 yards in game situations. Has deeper passes drop dead at random intervals.

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