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Tyre Brady

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Cam Worthy (Low) – Bud Sasser (Medium) – Shaq Evans (High)


A flash play receiver who struggles with consistency in every area, Brady is going to become one of Twitter’s favorites. He makes remarkable one-handed grabs and looks like a contested catch phenom, but his tape is plagued with unnecessary drops, poor effort on his routes, and a general disconcern for the play if the ball is not in his hands. One play he’ll look like a starting outside receiver in the league, and the next play he’ll look like a camp cut. This variance in his level of play is disconcerting when evaluating him as a prospect, and it makes his report one that could either land on the money or fail miserably. I believe the concerns with determination and effort on the field are warranted, and will play a role in his NFL career. He may be playing injured as a senior, which could be hurting his deep speed and slowing him down on the field. He looked much faster in 2017 against North Carolina State, although his route breaks have never been an area of great burst. Brady surprisingly looks at his best when dealing with physical press coverage, as he can find ways to win over the top of corners when the ball is in the air. A maestro of the sideline toe tapping catch, he’ll elevate to get the football and win jump ball situations at a high percentage. The large concern with translating his routes and style of play to the pro game is whether or not he can earn separation when working with his chest showing to the passer. Most of Brady’s routes were simple deep routes where he was told to make a play on the ball in a mismatch, not make a hard change of direction and find open space. His technique as a route-running is still growing, but his hand usage and incorporation of footwork has not developed beyond the early stages. For a player who is going to rely on having great hands to succeed, his hands aren’t reliable in every situation. The big splash plays are there, but his technique is poor as a pass catcher. Brady routinely mistimes the ball’s arrival and struggles as a hands catcher. Too many passes are allowed to go into his body both by choice and necessity. His blocking varies from snap to snap. Some plays he stays engaged and gets ahead of the ball-carrier, but others he’ll lazily allow defenders to pass by. There are serious concerns to have about his motivation when the ball isn’t heading to him, and it shows up in his run game assistance.

Ability to Create Separation

Does not explode off the line of scrimmage and lacks the speed to separate vertically. Hips are a bit stiff and don’t flip very easily. Lack of natural agility that is desirable for a next level wideout. Relies on a looping outward course to get past corners with cushion; will be easy to track by acceptable man corners. Easy to stick with for any defensive back with recovery ability downfield. Career might become contested catch city at any level of the field. Turns his game up whenever he knows the ball is coming his way; goes from half speed to full speed. Takes a while to build up momentum. Struggles to maintain stack once he gains route leverage. Leggy build seems to hinder his range of motion and overall body control, but he isn’t big enough to make up for it. Can climb the ladder.

YAC Ability

Too slow with the ball in his hands to make big plays after the catch. No hustle to turn upfield and get going. Slender for his size; will be taken out by most tacklers even if they don’t land hard. Hittable target in the open field that won’t be leaving any defenders flying past him. Vision is there to set opponents up, but his body can’t cash the check. No upside as a potential kick or punt returner. Can’t push for the marker given how easily he is uprooted. Attempts the stiff-arm but lacks the strength to win with it, although he does get good extension. Forced to round off on his changes of direction. Stringy lower half makes him easy to wipe out when shooting low; gets arm tackled or have his ankles taken out from under him. Frame may be able to handle added weight, which he’ll need as a pro. Faster in 2017; injured?

Route Running & Footwork

Slippery and angular mover who can dip past defensive backs to avoid hands. Unable to put his foot in the dirt and break back towards the ball; route stems require multiple steps to adjust his speed. No urgency to his movements. May need schemed touches to succeed given questionable athletic profile. Fails to give effort on plenty of plays if he knows the ball isn’t coming his way. Swipe to get past corner needs better contact and finishing in it. Foot fire and immediacy of steps is up and down, but hits the bar when he tries. Needs more juice when working laterally. Looks better against press where he can rely on size to win. Ties feet together at the sideline when in the catch process. Not a route salesman yet; won’t convince with his eyes. Route pacing has potential to it. No foot variety.


Comfortable attacking passes at the end of his range. Reaches throws that would sail over the heads of less confident receivers. Takes body catches when his chest is showing to the quarterback. Was forced to try reeling in plenty of terrible passes, but he rarely made the play happen. Has some highlight reel plays on his resume when forced into jump ball situations. Does a good job pulling it in below the belt if his quarterback sends one towards the dirt. Eyes are always focused in and track the ball well; does not often have concentration drops, only technical drops. Always willing to lay out for a pass even if it’s unlikely and dangerous. Looks at home when he has someone draped over his shoulder as the ball arrives. Timing with ball isn’t synced up well. Generally inconsistent with hands; drops gimmes.


Uncoordinated approach lacks the precision and timing to land a punch against off coverage. Takes plays off whenever he’s just being asked to stick a corner. Turns back to look for the ball rather than staying with his man when he does decide to engage. Will legitimately stare down the ball-carrier when he is still clinched up with his man. Has the length and size to be a decent blocker if he puts his mind to it. Seems to be an unmotivated player who will need excellent coaching to draw his skill set out of him. Motor is all over the place on a snap to snap basis. Not a driving blocker on any occasion. Loses his angle too quickly after getting attached. More aggressive with his approach in the Old Dominion game; different player as a blocker from Miami Ohio.

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