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Trey Adams Scouting Report

Scouting Report done by Mark Jarvis. See all his work at What’s on Draft. Support his work on Patreon.  See the full report in the 2020 NFL Draft Database here.

Summer Scouting Report

Able to get out into space and pull effectively. Major medical red flags in his background, Missed half of 2017 due to a torn ACL then missed all but one game in 2018 due to a back injury. Decent build at 6’7” and 305 pounds. Footwork in pass protection might not be fast enough based on the Ohio State tape. Incredibly smooth transitioning on combo blocks. Needs to keep his hands and feet in conjunction. Simply out-athleted by Chase Young and it wasn’t particular close. Fights hard to stay in the play when he falls off a block. Decent length. Times his initial punch and has the patience to avoid overcommitting. Plodding style of movement could end up being a fatal flaw. Usually out of position by the time he tries to start fighting the hands back. Willing to finish when he gets opportunities. Hands are still fast enough to win up top. Anchor and resetting ability is there. 5th Round Summer Grade.

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