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Trayveon Williams

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Marlon Mack (Low) – Willie Parker (Medium) – Clinton Portis (High)

Ability to Create Yardage

Maximizes what is blocked for him; gets up and goes rather than trying to play east to west. Excellent at minimizing the area in which a defender can grab him when working from the side; slippery qualities as a runner. Will have his feature back potential questioned due to size. Not a hard cut runner, but can make the necessary changes of direction. Shifts his weight well prior to hits to avoid head-on collisions and absorbing full shots. Jump cuts are easy and fluid; can hop into other lanes and get going immediately. Agility demands respect from opposing team. Elusive enough to dodge guys in one-on-one opportunities. Stiff arm and spin are both useful tools that get thrown out there. Bounces off of contact if he isn’t wrapped up. Balance and recovery ability are acceptable.


Instant juice up the middle; has the acceleration to slip past unprepared linebackers on interior runs. Time to max speed is remarkably short. Turns the corner with ease and flies upfield. Erased angles without trouble even against SEC competition. Full blown sprints are tough to catch; will take athletic back end defenders to run him down. Stop/start ability is some of the best in this class. Burst in and out of his cuts is adequate. Usually gone as soon as he gets through an opening if there isn’t safety help over the top. Revs up even further when he isn’t impeded; capable of turning on the jets and finding a second wind. Can work to the sideline without being snagged on his way around. “”Easy speed”” lets him get past linebackers like he’s just walking. Seems to lose some steam as the game goes on.


Undersized frame is going to draw concerns about ability to hold up at the pro level; looks like one of the smallest guys on the field. Not strong enough to break through head-on shots; done once he’s wrapped. Speed allows him to break through most arm tackles as he goes by. Going to be simply overpowered by most NFL competition, but not due to lack of effort. Legs keep going after he runs into a tackler. Shrinks too much in short yardage situations to be an effective “”dirty”” runner. Body type is already maxed out with no room to add beneficial pounds. Only able to fall forward when he gets lateral and works through the shoulders of opponents. Strong finisher if he has nowhere to go on the boundary; would rather drive into a safety than step out of bounds. Contact balance is pretty good for a smaller guy.


Incredibly controlled movements allow him to slice in and out of holes with ease. Attacks the quickest path downfield rather than trying to force the big plays. Decisiveness is a huge asset. Willingness to meet defenders in the hole and go head to head is a surprise. Pacing is well-maintained, and he doesn’t run himself into danger early on. Willing to work between the tackles instead of bouncing outside; seems poised in traffic despite his size. Comfortable finding and getting after cutback lanes. Creativity as a runner isn’t special, but he can routinely make something out of mediocre blocking. Patient enough to let blocks develop before making his moves. Instinctiveness is better than his peers. Gets snagged trying to navigate small creases. Quick setup to make backup miss.

Pass Blocking & Receiving

Engaged as a pass protector despite being outmuscled in one-on-one situations as a blocker. Throws himself into guys to chip them before peeling off for the checkdown; finds opportunities to help out line. Accuracy with his blocks needs improvement but the motor is already running. Squares up and puts his weight into blocks, but usually gets sent backwards with opponent’s initial punch. Played the role of a willing lead blocker for other backs when called upon. Unafraid of getting engaged with bigger guys; goes after opponents twice his size. Smaller catch radius is going to demand accurate throws from his quarterback. Can translate short catches into big gains. Needs to demonstrate better awareness with his routes.

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