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Taryn Christion

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Josh Straughan (Low) – Garrett Fugate (Medium) – G.J. Kinne (High)


One of the more talented passers in the class in regards to physical attributes, the overall package is not there with Taryn Christion. He has a quality arm that can get to every location, but his abysmal accuracy will make the development a long and arduous one. Even in the short and intermediate game, he has trouble consistently finding his targets with enough lead to avoid defenders getting a piece of the ball. The deep ball has flashes, but Christion’s inability to get in rhythm with his receivers leads to frequent misses. The struggles with accuracy seem to be more inherent than just establishing a platform, as he was unable to land throws even when given time and space. As a decision maker, Christion does not impress. His 2017 tape seemed much better in post-snap processing than his 2018 tape, although there are no signs of life with going through progressions as of late. He can improvise with his feet and create new throwing lanes when plays break down, but it’s often useless due to his trouble in finding another option beyond his first read. Instead of moving along to other receivers, he stays locked in hoping for his man to uncover. The lack of development, over-confidence in his arm talent, and failure to recognize potentially hazardous situations as a passer will lead to turnovers galore in the pros. Despite being a slightly undersized quarterback, Christion does not have the same immediacy to his movements that most smaller quarterbacks possess. This lack of quick twitch muscle shows up in his mechanics, as his setup is abnormally long. He has no notable quirks that would take time off of his throws, such as patting the ball, but his process takes too long. He’ll have to overcome windows closing as he tries to get the ball out, something that isn’t going to be overcome without more anticipatory throwing. His footwork isn’t precise when setting up for throws, often forcing him to overcorrect for the aim of the ball. Altering arm slots to avoid hands at the line of scrimmage is a positive aspect of his throwing motion, but he does it arbitrarily, often ruining his throws without being redirected by defenders. When everything is set up from bottom to top, he can rip 60 yarders with ease, but the speed varies depending on his base. While not a controlled pocket mover yet, he can avoid pass rushers they break through. His scrambling ability isn’t enough to classify as a dual threat, but can be leaned on when defenses sell out for the pass.

Reads & Decisions

Offensive system simplified a lot of his decision-making; did not regularly go through progressions. Stares down his target and tips off defenders to his plan. Spends most of his time attacking the boundary rather than risking shots over the middle of the field. Going through the motions of his offense rather than identifying defensive concepts and exploiting them. Lacks respect for underneath defenders; will have passes undercut by athletic linebackers. Won’t back down from throws; willing to let it rip with a defender in his face. Unable to find secondary options both inside and outside of structure. Drops his eyes if his first read is taken away. Processing seems to have dipped from his 2017 tape; slower and less effective in his decisions. Wants to see routes come open before delivering the ball.

Accuracy & Ball Placement

Deep ball fluctuates constantly. Has trouble attacking leverage in man coverage. Doesn’t give his receivers adequate lead to create YAC opportunities and avoid catch point interference. Gets arc on downfield shots and fades to allow his target an easier jump ball. Placement is scattered all over the field; unable to hit intermediate game with any reliability. May struggle to land when timing of throws is altered by jams. Attempts to throw with touch aren’t effective. Passes are not easily catchable because of both poor aim and spiral. High/low deviation makes receivers work overtime. Does not attack between the hashes with enough precision to avoid traffic. Can’t hit hole shots. No noticeable improvement even when he is unpressured; simply lacks natural accuracy.

Pocket Awareness & Scrambling

Willing to get out of the pocket and pick up yardage with his legs if the opening is available. Decent athlete, but won’t make defenders miss in open field situations. Was unable to win the corner against FCS competition. Play extension ability isn’t game breaking, although it bailed him out whenever necessary. Spots pressure immediately; decent spacial awareness. Internal clock is still developing, but it’s present. Lacks the size to brute force anyone. Had a good portion of his rushing yardage come from designed runs, not scrambles. Makes life difficult for free rushers who don’t hit center mass. Ability of frame to hold up at the pro level is going to be a reasonable question; absorbs a lot of damage. Runs himself into trouble while navigating the pocket by taking uncalculated steps.

Mechanics & Throwing Motion

Connection between upper and lower body is not there. Weight transfer tends to fluctuate. Elongated setup often makes the delivery late. Body mechanics are that of a 6’4″” 240 pounder, not a 6’1″” 215 pounder. Ball didn’t come out smoothly against Kennesaw State, although it may have been due to weather. Squares up well with his target on the run, but feet could be cleaner when stationary. Footwork doesn’t have much juice to it; takes too long to make adjustments and reset. Always changing his release point, killing accuracy. Will likely have trouble finding throwing lanes due to height. Doesn’t adjust his feet towards his target when working to secondary read. Release tends to drag the ball with it. Has to manually compensate for timing. Able to adjust arm slot to avoid traffic.

Arm Strength

Ball can come out with heat when he establishes a platform. Has the velocity to hit passes at most spots on the field. Off-platform throws don’t have the same kind of pop that his normal throws have. Inconsistency with lower body mechanics takes a lot away from his physical gifts. High amount of variance in how much he puts behind each throw; will need to showcase his arm’s full potential at pro day. Surprising amount of underthrows given his tools. Capable of hitting 60 yards with a slight windup. Launched a missile against North Dakota State from midfield to end zone that arrived remarkably fast; could have untapped potential with his arm talent. Power does not start at his base if he isn’t taking a longer drop.

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