Tanner Mangum

Tanner Mangum

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Matt Johnson (Low) – Nathan Peterman (Medium) – Nick Mullens (High)


Combining all of Mangum’s individual skills into one player makes for an interesting result, to say the least. His style is built for winning the short game and red zone, as he can create opportunities with movement and varying throwing slots. The mechanical aspects of Mangum’s game are both worrisome and impressive at the same time. His ability to get the ball off while working from any angle is great for finding checkdowns, but the typical snap-to-snap action is unrefined. When asked to stand sturdy in the pocket and deliver passes downfield through established throwing lanes Mangum struggles. His release is low and easily deflectable by linebackers and defensive linemen. Accuracy is another area where Mangum has struggled significantly during his college career. He’s never going to be above a 60% guy in the NFL if he gets substantial looks at the position. His passes are aimed at where the receiver is, not where the receiver is going, and it results in a lot of contested catch situations. His tendency to allow defenders back into the play will lead to massive turnover amounts against higher levels of competition. Arm strength is the one area beyond accuracy that will be offputting to teams to the point of undraftability. He does a better job of getting velocity on the ball while off platform than when he has time to set up. I believe this is largely because his pocket stance is too wide and doesn’t drive weight forward during the throwing motion, but it could just be a comfort on the move that maximizes his power. The questionable arm strength would be less of a factor if Mangum made faster decisions, but he often holds onto the ball too long and waits to see routes come open before throwing. He’ll need to make faster decisions with the football and cut it loose prior to route breaks if the ball is going to arrive before the defender does. As a decision-maker he seems to have a baseline understanding of going through progressions, which is demonstrated by his ability to find outlets near the line of scrimmage. This becomes murky when he’s working under pressure, but the flashes are there. The ability to identify defensive coverages and avoiding putting the ball through the teeth of defenses is where he needs work. When given time he’ll pull off singular defenders from routes and use his eyes to create openings, but he’ll rarely identify secondary defenders in range to play the ball. An undersized guy with an undersized arm who has suffered a multitude of injuries during his career, Mangum will need to blow away teams from a mental standpoint to get a shot at being drafted. Age, medicals, and physical talent are all pointing to a camp shot, but not a strong investment from any organizations.

Reads & Decisions

Willing to work back to his checkdown if the deep ball is not there. Comfortable taking the easy outlet passes when his timer runs down. Moments of hesitation while readying a pass downfield will allow lanes to close. Pats the ball and pulls it back when throws are available. Timidity as a decision-maker limits his game to primarily working under 25 yards. Needs to get ball out much earlier to counteract below average arm talent. Misses lurking coverages on a routine basis. Will get caught throwing into a closing window because he doesn’t spot a defender breaking on the ball. Going 1-2 is feasible when he has a clean pocket. Utilizes his eyes and body language to pull defenders off his man; pump fake finesser. Seems at home working play-action and rolling to the side of the field.

Accuracy & Ball Placement

Placement is more general than specific. Will put the ball in his receiver’s catch radius, but often force them to work backwards or into a hit. Passes tend to sail over the top when heading outside the hashes. Struggles to throw his man into open space at any level of the field. Completion percentage concerns will match up with the tape. Can get a beautiful arc underneath the ball when he has time to step into throws and fly it. Aims at the player not the spot. BYU receivers did him no favors in regards to making plays on his throws. Deep ball accuracy isn’t horrible, but he’ll underthrow his target if the ball isn’t out early enough. Out of sync with his receivers; chemistry issues caused by injuries as a sophomore and junior?

Pocket Awareness & Scrambling

Not a pocket pop rock by any means, but knows how to shift away to avoid pressure. Has the eyes to spot open rushing lanes, but needs to capitalize. May struggle to consistently reach the marker given lack of athleticism; high 4.9 second 40-yard runner on tape? Physically maxed out as an athlete at 25 years old. Gets caught before he can reach the sideline. Functional internal clock. Pocket stature is already doubtful for an NFL quarterback, but it’s made an even bigger problem with how poor his play strength is. One of the most intimidated college quarterbacks inside the pocket. Eyes stay downfield even when on the move. Able to slip out of arm tackles when scrambling outside. Rarely takes off up the middle. Would rather ground a ball than just take the hit and deliver it.

Mechanics & Throwing Motion

Drops are typically clean, but he may allow his base to get too wide when setting up the delivery. Will need to demonstrate better weight transfer if he wants to generate power without banking on his arm. Willing to alter delivery to extreme levels under pressure, often times allowing for throws to sneak through in the short game. Throws don’t come out particularly high; very susceptible to batted passes when working from the pocket. Backfoots on throws when he has time to set his feet and drive it. Pat prior to release often ends up delaying the arrival; must break the bad habits. Incredibly organic with mechanics in a way that can be beneficial. Sprints into throws when stepping up; just relax! Lets it go from sides when he has a clean lane going high. Hips swing wide.

Arm Strength

Looks like he is pushing the ball out rather than letting it come out naturally. Velocity is a question mark that will plague him throughout the draft process. May struggle to make tough window throughs in the intermediate or long game. Throws to the far side of the field will arrive too late and leave his receiver open to a hit or contested catch situation. Can hit 20 yarders while rolling, but it isn’t particularly pretty. Creates more zip on the ball when he’s working off platform than when he’s stationary. Lack of physical talent and minimal experience attempting to make NFL throws will make draft circuit important for showing arm off. Arm suddenly got hot in third vs. Arizona; is he hiding it sometimes?

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