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Squally Canada

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Kevin Parks (Low) – Terrence Magee (Medium) – Chase Edmonds (High)

Ability to Create Yardage

Not a one step and go guy when it comes to change of direction ability. Will need room to make an adjustment and recalculate his angle of attack. Shows a desire to contort his body and minimize the target for defenders, but doesn’t get slim and avoid the brunt of the impact. Absence of athletic gifts to make opponents miss when working in the open. Loses control and gets tripped up frequently when working in traffic. Has plenty of runs that end on the butt of his lineman or the outstretched hand of a defender. Feet get tangled when attempting to make even the smallest adjustments to his course. No trickiness or deceit when working a one-on-one; predictable. Can’t get necessary breadth in jump cut to keep lower half out of reach from tacklers. Arizona game had some dynamic moments.


Does not have the acceleration to turn the corner; will get caught at the sideline by most linebackers at the pro level. Average to below average initial burst when heading up the gut. Doesn’t fire through the hole and into the linebackers. Seems to be a 4.65 to 4.70 type of athlete on tape. Does not show the tape speed necessary to get by with the rest of his game. Made a living off of the outside run at BYU and won’t be able to replicate it in the league due to limitations. Loses his speed when making even the slightest changes of direction. Best example of open field gas pedal was on a 10-yard burst off of a route; no resume runs in the tape I watched.


Lowers the shoulder into contact and tries to utilize pad level as a means of winning confrontations both in the open field and in the hole. Squared up build with wide hips makes him tough to wrap around for defensive backs. Will get wiped out by linemen given average size overall. Balance isn’t maintained when taking contact head-on; will get driven downwards and lose momentum. Legs keep moving in the pile; will drive for extra yardage when forced into a battle of determination. Despite high effort may not possess the functional strength to move NFL defenders. Has not shown an ability to take a clean hit and keep going. Body composition will be important to see up close; thin below the knees. Never stops pounding his head into the wall regardless of whether or not it gives way. Spirited runner.


Looks comfortable working back inside when the outside lanes are clogged up. Doesn’t get too fancy and try to take the long way around. Meat and potatoes decision-maker who goes for what the defense gives him. Seems to be intimidated of altering his path too much due to inability to make difficult cuts; needs to just go for it. Can’t get skinny when things tighten up; must learn to navigate without eating unnecessary shots. Patience is there when allowing his blockers to set up against second level defenders. Eyes drop prematurely and leave potential exit doors shut after he hits the line of scrimmage. Downhill mentality allows for some occasional breakthroughs if he survives first contact; one track mind for the marker. Hesitates when making decisions to cut; lacks the positional instincts.

Pass Blocking & Receiving

Put in effort as a blocker when working lead on WR sweeps. Doesn’t slack off when utilized as an outlet near the line of scrimmage for the quarterback. Good cut blocker in pass protection who gets low and fires outwards into blitzers to delay their rush. Chippy guy who makes sure to get a piece even if he’s running play-action. Must stay aligned with defenders rather than slide to a side and throw out hands; pulls himself out of the optimal spot as a blocker. Awareness goes a long way in his blitz pickup abilities. Prefers to simply throw out his shoulders rather than utilizing proper technique. Has reps at receiver although he was rarely targeted. Hip don’t flip clean. Willingness to eat a shot for QB will endear him to offense. Iffy hands.

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