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Shea Patterson Scouting Report

Scouting Report done by Mark Jarvis. See all his work at What’s on Draft. Support his work on Patreon.  See the full report in the 2020 NFL Draft Database here.

Summer Scouting Report

Below average size stands out immediately and does affect some of the passing lanes available to him. Speedy release gets the ball out in a timely manner and helps to make up for mental lapses. Velocity on the ball is only average. Comfortable working on the run and throwing outside of structure. Downfield shots weren’t accurate against Notre Dame. Release point is a tad low, but he is able to alter it if necessary. Mechanics off platform are impressive. Placement in the short game allows him to play the point guard role. Downfield shots can get some heat behind them if he winds up; might have hidden arm talent. Not a great athlete but can scramble if needed. Pressure was a bit crippling at times for him. Rollout king. UDFA Summer Grade.

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