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Shaquille Quarterman Scouting Report

Scouting Report done by Mark Jarvis. See all his work at What’s on Draft. Support his work on Patreon.  See the full report in the 2020 NFL Draft Database here.

Summer Scouting Report

Listed at 235 pounds and seems to be in that range. Takes the fight to blockers and sticks his nose in the fan. Has some elusiveness to avoid unnecessary contact when working through traffic. Reaction time is excellent. Comfortable in coverage, and should be able to function in both man and zone situations. Tackle radius isn’t great, but he has the mobility to make up for it. One of the smoother lateral movers to come out at linebacker in a while. More than enough closing speed to get into the backfield as a blitzer. Great ball tracking ability; won’t get lost in the crowd and lose his bearings. Strong enough to finish once he gets his hands on the ball-carrier. Aggressive style makes him a pain in the ass for blockers to deal with. Frame doesn’t have much room to add more weight as he heads to the pros. Twitched up as it gets. Tackling technique could use work. Short-levered guy without the length to control blocking situations. Can get hung up by technically proficient linemen. 3rd Round Summer Grade.

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