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Sean Rawlings

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Dillon Day (Low) – J.J. Dielman (Medium) – Cameron Tom (High)


A tall center who doesn’t always know how to utilize his body, Rawlings is a converted tackle who has become a staple on the interior for the Mississippi Rebels. He seems to have the athletic traits that would suggest good testing, but it doesn’t always translate onto the football field. Rawlings has the potential to get rolling in the open field, but he rarely opens it up. An inaccurate second level blocker who tends to overthink things, he’ll have trouble consistently finding linebackers and getting his hands on them. When he does get in range he’ll jump the gun and lunge towards his target, missing his hands and running himself out of the play. Rawlings looked good against Alabama star lineman Raekwon Davis, as he prevented Davis from maximizing his extension and incorporating counter moves. When forced to take on more twitchy rushers like Quinnen Williams, the crown jewel of the Tide defense, Rawlings looked like he should be sent home in a coffin. There is room to develop his footwork and hand usage, but he just hasn’t tapped into the potential yet. He tends to slip off of blocks and fall to the wayside once he engages with a defender. His timing with his punch has been solid when facing defenders that won’t bull rush, but he’ll get run through by guys with a fire under their ass. Rawlings will likely have to stay at center as he transitions to the pro, as his movement skills don’t suggest the ability to play on the outside or as a pulling guard. Given his stature as a 6’5+ center he gets destroyed in the leverage battle by most opponents. He’ll be uplifted and twisted at the waist, and he’ll struggle to get good bend into his blocks. When he begins to lose it’s rare that he digs his feet back into the dirt and anchors down. His awareness with spotting blitzers and twists could impress some evaluators, but he doesn’t arrive in time to always get the job done. Good lateral movers will take his cookies if his feet don’t become more open and prepared. There’s nothing notable in regards to his run blocking or short yardage work, as Rawlings does not finish his blocks strong or create much drive in the phone booth.

Footwork and Angles

Has some gas out of stance, and shoots upwards with purpose and immediacy. Likes to lunge into some of his blocks on the move. Understands where to place his body to maximize the hole he opens in the run game. Lateral movement skills are there to be developed, but haven’t been capitalized on yet. Growth will need to be maintained to get a shot as a starter. Quick enough for reach blocks, but doesn’t often hit them. Half stepper who doesn’t fully commit to his movements. Legs rarely drive in the run game. Unlikely to make the move back to tackle due to stiffness when risen fully out of his stance. Ineffective transitions in combo blocking. Short stepper who won’t unleash a stride. Footwork in general is not at an adequate level for the NFL. Recovery angles are a mess and rarely work.

Hand Placement

Tends to slip away from his blocks after sticking for a couple seconds. Athleticism isn’t maximized due to poor hands in close quarters. Did a good job defending Raekwon Davis at chest level while teammate at right guard got smoked. Flashed punch timing which allowed him to control range against much longer guys on tape. Knows he needs to stay in the chest of guys and try to manipulate their movements with it. Outquicked by Quinnen Williams on a frequent basis; was run through with ease on snaps where they faced off. Understands when he is beaten, but stays with his block to further deter them. May struggle attaching to defenders with feisty hands. Gets grabby once he is beaten and draws plenty of holding penalties. Hand accuracy is unreliable fighting counters. Hands need to follow his feet.

Anchor Strength

Listed at 6’5″ and doesn’t demonstrate great knee bend, which will lead to a lot of leverage losses. Lacks the typical mass of a center, likely coming in under 300 pounds with a lean body type. Walked backwards by a powerful initial rush; can be jarred by blitzers who come in full steam. Level of competition increasing strength in NFL could result in deficiencies becoming more apparent. Gets torqued at the waist and forced to bend at weird angles due to lack of upper body strength. Has trouble resetting once he starts being walked backwards. Forced to overcompensate for below average anchor by leaning into blocks. Time spent on the ground will be multiplied significantly as a pro. Bend don’t break mentality is going to fail as players get stronger and faster.


Experience playing right tackle speaks to his mobility, and it’s demonstrated even on his tape as a center. Can move up into space with an ease that is not common for an interior lineman. Flies into his cut blocks like he has been shot out of a cannon. Tendency to duck his head into blocks at the second level results in easy dodges for linebackers, considering the lack of power in his hands. Takes too many steps in his approach rather than just getting after it. Speed can take him downfield no problem, but his pacing is a mess. Lateral speed can get the job done, but he’s late to make those decisions and get moving. Very few snaps where he was asked to pull and act as a lead blocker. Athletic profile would suggest better success than he has found on move. Not yet completely comfortable in his body on the field.


Quality awareness and understanding of how to assist his teammates with his blocks. Double teams aren’t overly physical, but he always puts hands on and helps out. Spots the arrival of late blitzers and stunts, transferring blocks as needed. Sees when his teammates are getting into trouble and helps whenever possible, although he had way too much stacked on his plate. Looked at his best against Alabama, but Texas Tech tape hurt to watch at times. Won’t move anyone off the line with his punch, even linebackers. Mind of an interior lineman with the body of a tackle. Unable to generate push in short yardage situations. Does not have the dog mentality to finish off his blocks, nor does he have the play strength to do it. No tenacity with game.

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