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Ryquell Armstead

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Taquan Mizzell (Low) – Malcolm Brown (Medium) – Thomas Rawls (High)

Ability to Create Yardage

Has some flashes of elusiveness but can’t put it together from down-to-down. Limited recovery ability once he begins to lose his balance. Too easy to snag and entangle as he goes through lanes. Jump cut doesn’t get adequate depth to evade rangy tacklers. More of a battering ram than a “make you miss” style runner. Gets skinny to navigate through holes at the line, although he can’t make precise movements through it. Backfield pileup can catch him, but it’s a 50/50 shot in most instances. Can stick his foot in the dirt and make hard cuts to the outside, but doesn’t do it frequently enough. Won’t have to build up into changes of direction, just gets straight into them. Arm tackles to the upper body don’t faze him. Uses the spin move as one of his go-to moves in avoiding potential early hits.


Has the long speed to break free and eat up large pieces of real estate, although it’s unlikely he’ll outrun faster defensive backs in a dead sprint. Acceleration is only average out of the backfield, but it’s not a black mark on his game. Unable to make changes of direction while going at higher speeds. Not explosive enough to burst through the linebackers and escape into the second level through contact with any regularity. Can’t slam the brakes easily once he starts to build up speed towards the line of scrimmage, bumping into his own guys often as a result. Unable to turn the corner without getting tangled as he breaks upfield. Legs aren’t long enough to start up a bigger stride in space.


Runs with a tough edge to his game. Drops his pads into contact. Can generate forward momentum into linebackers as soon as he collides with them. Able to absorb spearing shots and bounce off, but usually gets taken out by wraps. Drives his legs into the pile but often ends in stalemates. Rarely stonewalled on initial contact; falls forward on most of his runs. Won’t drag defenders with him or run through shots like a bigger back should. Power is tied more to his momentum than anything else. Finishes strong if he’s fighting for the marker. Attempts to run with forward lean often result in falling down rather than keeping his feet under him. Balance is a huge concern given how often he goes down on first touch. Grittiness may fail him against NFL play strength. Has short yardage back upside.


Good patience to allow blocks develop, but has no issues with hesitation in his runs. Downhill running style with no wasted movement. Spots available cutbacks and attacks them when necessary. Sharp-minded with good peripheral vision; never surprised when defenders arrive. Physical limitations prevent him from creating for himself outside of structure, although he clearly sees the possibilities. Rarely makes the wrong choice with where he decides to take the football. Comfortable working both inside and outside of the tackles, although he is more reactive than proactive with most of his choices. Always goes for the shortest path possible. Sets defenders up with his feints; sells his runs with his eyes in one-on-one situations. Skillful in maximizing what is blocked open. Open-field vision can get awful.

Pass Blocking & Receiving

Has some experience working out of the slot even though he was largely unproductive from the role. Unable to find separation as a route runner. Not a controlled enough mover with his pass protection to accurately intercept defenders. Can get walked off of his spot by blitzers; not sturdy even when he settles in to block. Will be solely an uncovered checkdown option at the next level. Routes are unenergetic. Used as a lead blocker on outside runs during his time at Temple, although he was not particularly exciting with his approach. Has flashed good timing with his hands as a blocker, but doesn’t bring them into the mix on double team opportunities. Attitude as a runner is not present when the ball isn’t in his hands.

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