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Myles Gaskin

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Justin Crawford (Low) – Joe Williams (Medium) – Johnathan Franklin (High)

Ability to Create Yardage

Lateral smoothness helps him to glide in and out of traffic, but he doesn’t get depth in his movements. Agility is more jump cut based than slicing; not a natural with planting into hard changes of direction. Too many steps leading up to difficult cuts makes him more hittable than you’d like. Elusive enough to make guys miss in one-on-one situations, but it falls off quickly when he has to account for ancillary defenders. Ineffective in most attempts at getting skinny and working through small openings. For a lighter back his space running is not impressive; relies on his line more than most change of pace runners should. Nothing in the way of particular moves to help win one-on-one situations. Fast feet allow him to shift his weight in an instant. Runs against the grain aren’t well-coordinated.


Immediate juice once he gets the ball in his hands. Has the burst to fire through the hole and get into the open field. Enough speed to turn the corner and get around linebackers into the second level. Can erase angles in a straight line sprint. Athleticism makes him an option as a returner. Slow to get back up to top speed once he gets caught by contact. Not an absolute burner but potential for long runs down the field is there. Gears down with a lot of his changes of direction, which prevents him from flying through holes untouched. Forced to round off on his adjustments if he’s moving at a high rate of speed. Stride isn’t long even when he gets into open field situations.


Slender frame is going to get him abused at the next level if he takes the majority of snaps in a backfield. Gets stonewalled on initial hits and often blown backwards. No hesitation when he knows he’ll have to go through somebody; picks up speed in an attempt to overwhelm unprepared defenders. Drops his pads into contact and forces tacklers to win leverage. Can’t add more weight to his body without overloading it. Can’t run through wrap-up tackles. No upside as a short yardage back, and should not see the field in situations that call for one. Does not demonstrate leg drive when he gets into piles. Arm tackles severely hinder him and pull him off course. Downwards rather than forwards even on his most successful attempts to play with power. Overall lack of contact balance is disconcerting.


Spots breakthrough and reacts in a timely manner. has spacial awareness but plays passively with where he attacks. Sees cutback lanes and gets after them, although he has trouble reaching some of the tougher angles. Sets up defenders with his steps before yanking the carpet back. Has the necessary processing speed for the pro game, but squares up and gets stagnant at times if the lane isn’t easily identifiable. Bouts of hesitation appear throughout games. Can press the line of scrimmage and ride plays to the outside if the blocking is proficient enough. Reactive not proactive with many of his choices; runs himself into trouble trying to make the first man miss. Needs to trust his speed around the edge rather than trying to bring it back inside at the first sign of trouble. Not a creator outside of structure.

Pass Blocking & Receiving

Has taken reps as a receiver from the line of scrimmage, but does not have the refinement to work as a slot option. Can’t find separation against corners or safeties in coverage. Pass protection reps were rather scarce on tape. Usually peeled off to become a checkdown option for Browning. Too small to take on pass rushers without getting simply outmuscled. Awareness and positioning need improvement if he wants to be trusted keeping his quarterback clean. Body blocks rather than incorporating his hands. Not reliable to bring it in when he is contacted at the catch point. Walked off of his spot by even blitzing safeties. Mentality as a blocker has to get meaner if he wants a shot on passing downs. Hands are solid outside of frame.

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