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Miles Sanders

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Elijah McGuire (Low) – Mark Walton (Medium) – Kerryon Johnson (High)

Ability to Create Yardage

Has some elusiveness to his game but it’s not always pretty. Very wide in the hips with a lot of room for tacklers to hit. Gets tangled going through traffic due to the way he’s built. More a jump cutter than a plant and go runner, but he glides to new lanes without any trouble. Smooth when shifting from lateral steps to going upfield. Usually a one cut and done runner, and he rarely makes the second man on scene miss. More efficient in space than behind blocks. Sleek running style emphasizes his control when making movements. Had plenty of opportunities cut short due to offensive line failing him; did not see many plays with potential. Agility is a bit of an uncertainty. Brain to body is a split second late. Creativity shows in the open field. Play strength is on the lower end of the spectrum.


Stop/start ability is not at a high level. Has to approach the line of scrimmage slow to avoid overextending into his own guys. Disappointing acceleration will stop him from turning the corner on most linebackers. Doesn’t seem to have many explosive qualities as an athlete. Unsuccessful in attempts erase angles and create separation from defenders in a pure foot race. East-west running will be much more difficult as the speed of the game improves. Stride never really opens up even when he gets into space. Unable to find another gear on longer runs. Propulsion when going through holes isn’t enough to escape wrap up attempts from distance. Very measured approach to his runs makes it difficult to judge his true speed without testing numbers.


Drops his pads to initiate contact with defenders; gets low and earns his leverage. Frame is likely peaking at around 215-220 pounds. Won’t back away from the tough yards. Knows when to bite down on his mouthpiece and go head on with the man in the hole. Does not seem capable of powering through tackle attempts if they’re shots from straight ahead. Unable to maintain his balance through anklebiting shots. Momentum consistently carries forward for an extra yard or two even though he goes down. Not a dog but he has some attitude with his runs. Creates sufficient forward lean in an attempt to attack defenders. Has not demonstrated leg drive when he gets into the pile. Short yardage work is not viable for his play style. Has a quality stiff arm to keep distance as he turns upfield on outside runs.


Was given some truly awful situations on a high portion of his runs thanks to a porous offensive line and an option-oriented scheme. Good recognition ability for pressure early on in plays; slides to back doors as soon as a defender blockades his path. Comfortable going mano-a-mano in space. Alternates his rhythm to throw off the tackler’s timing. Diagnoses what is ahead of him without delaying his approach to the line of scrimmage thanks to quick decision-making skills. Good timing inside of structure; allows his lead blocker to get engaged before pushing. Instinctiveness helps to avoid backfield hits. Peripheral vision is sufficient for the pro game. Will see his best work come after catching passes. Goes after what defenses give him rather than seeking out big plays that won’t materialize.

Pass Blocking & Receiving

Head stays on a swivel during pass protection duties. Leads with his shoulder rather than going hands first into blocks. Has snaps working in the slot as part of his resume. Gets out of the backfield without any trouble as a receiving back. Route-running is not particularly polished; does not sell the defender prior to the route break. Puts his weight behind his blocks; engages with some tenacity. Not a sticky blocker due to “”one big hit”” approach to getting after defenders. Feet are light enough to allow for repositioning and squaring up. Footwork is not disciplined. Hands catching could use some work, as he drops some gimmes. Worth using as a target in the flats to create one-on-one matchups. Not an energetic receiving option.”

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