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Mike Weber

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Cameron Artis-Payne (Low) – Corey Clement (Medium) – Mike Davis (High)

Ability to Create Yardage

Fast feet allow for quick adjustments. Surprisingly loose for a back with his thickness. Changes of direction are instant and he flies off as soon as he alters his course. One cut and go ability rather than build-up directions. Great body control allows him to run at tilted angles and slide around the corner. Has a spin move in his arsenal but it’s not frequently deployed. Decent stiff arm is in his bag of tricks as well. Unlikely to save himself if backfield penetration succeeds. Lateral quickness isn’t enough to go deep with jump cuts. Success rate of weaving through traffic is high; feet rarely get caught as he steps over and around things. Quick reactions are a massive plus. Not a special runner in the open field. Unlikely to win one-on-one situations. Escape room runner who can find outs.


Acceleration ability isn’t enough to blow past linebackers, but he gets there at a good pace. Not an angle eraser but he can escape safeties who don’t come in properly with their pursuit. Loss of speed when changing directions is hardly noticeable; makes cuts without sacrificing his run. Does not possess home run ability, but can carve up most defenses for chunk yardage. May have trouble reaching the sideline on outside runs as a pro. Backside pursuit can reach him at the line of scrimmage. Lacks immediate stop/start although it’s not a glaring issue for his game. Athleticism questions will likely become more pronounced as he transitions to the pros, and it will likely take him out of a workhorse role. Gets to top speed very early on in his run; not a build-up runner. Opens up his stride well for a 5’9″” guy.”


Somewhat short but has the body thickness that is desirable for the position. Maintains forward momentum through the tackle process, but contact balance isn’t going to keep runs going. Drops his shoulder into hits and finishes with some pop. Runs his leg through contact when possible even though he fails to stay standing. Able to fight through arm tackles but does not frequently break through bigger attempts. Must show growth in surviving first contact. Frame does not seem likely to carry more useful weight; capped out physically. Short yardage back potential is off the table given his limitations with power; shrinks when working in between the tackles. Shifts away from low shots; does a good job of avoiding being tripped up. Sturdy frame should be able to take punishment without issue.


Comfortable working in confined spaces between the tackles. Capable of finding back doors to go through if his line fails him. Smooth with his adjustments; keeps his track clean. Forward mentality with few wasted steps involved; not an east-west mover. Decision-making is fast. Must be more willing to meet linebackers and safeties in the hole rather than chasing the cutback. Will be best utilized in zone running concepts that allow him more freedom of choice. Excellent at getting skinny and working through small openings; can weasle his way through almost any line. Doesn’t hit the gas too early and run himself into his own guys; demonstrates patience following the handoff. Lacks any creative elements with his open-field running, likely due to athletic boundaries. Does not set up secondary arrivals.

Pass Blocking & Receiving

Not a natural route-runner and should not be considered for work beyond the backfield role. Lacks the elusive traits to make defenders miss in the flats, but he can grab yardage as a checkdown guy. Hands don’t seem to be a problem even though he allows throws into his body. Reliable safety net for his quarterback and nothing more. Has the size to be a decent pass protector, although he’s going to lose some reps due to weight differential being so large. Willing to get involved to keep his quarterback safe; stands his ground even though he lacks a great anchor. Not polished but stays alert in search of potential breakthrough. Ball skills aren’t at a high enough level to win outside of his frame. Finds opportunities and throws the shoulder.

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