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Marquis Young

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Dreamius Smith (Low) – Tre Madden (Medium) – Brandon Wilds (High)


Young has an interesting frame coming in over six foot with good muscle definition, but his body doesn’t live up to the expectations. He’ll need to add even more weight to handle the hits of the pro game, something that can’t be done without further diminishing his athleticism. I don’t believe he meets the benchmark speed, vision, or agility requirements that are a necessity to play running back at the pro level. Young only finds what is blocked for him, and doesn’t create by himself when plays start to go off the rails. In space he is a railway runner who won’t elude oncoming defenders as long as they square up with focus. With backs who lack physical gifts like Young, they need some kind of trump card to win with. Kareem Hunt had his balance and body control, for instance. Young doesn’t have anything like that to separate himself from the rest of the pack of FBS running backs. He demonstrates decent take-on ability against bad tacklers, but he won’t be running into any pushovers like that at the pro level. There is a willingness there when he hits the pile, and you can see that with the way he drives his legs. The problem is Young always lets himself be driven upwards to standing height, where his forward momentum is immediately dashed. He’s likely going to test as a high 4.6 or low 4.7 40-yard dash runner on his best day, and will be scratched off the list for plenty of organizations because of it. It’s disappointing how slow he is to accelerate through the hole, as he was caught from behind on multiple occasions. Young doesn’t present anything in the way of vision to find extra yardage, largely because his physical limitations prevent him from seeking out new paths to run. He can wiggle his hips while meeting someone in the hole or try to plant and cut upfield, but there’s no way he’s making defenders miss him at the second level. At the first level he doesn’t explode through and take full advantage of the openings presented. Young’s size will interest teams as a pass blocking back, but it will be difficult to get him out there on third downs given his trouble as a receiver. He looked decent with using his body and getting in the way as a junior, but his technique and effort has taken a turn downhill in 2018.

Ability to Create Yardage

Has trouble getting skinny and working his way through traffic. Unimpressive change of direction will make him an easy target to get locked onto in open field situations. Lateral quickness is not optimal for a pro; cannot glide from lane to lane. Very upright runner who can’t drop his hips. Nothing unique or special about his running style that stands out on tape. Has trouble making small adjustments at the line to avoid breakthrough; will get snatched up by good two-gappers. Balance and body control seems to have improved as a senior; does a better job of working through shoulder shot tackles. Foot stomper who doesn’t extend to plant outside of his frame. Momentum is completely halted and he turns into a sitting duck after breaking the first tackle. May slow down more with added weight.


Slows down to make changes of direction, and does not have the movement skills desired by evaluators. Long speed is simply not there, will not be hitting any home runs against higher competition. Poor accelerator through the hole who will be caught by arms flying in around him. Unable to turn the corner and accelerate past the linebackers. Not an NFL caliber athlete and will be off a lot of boards because he doesn’t hit their benchmarks. May have been hindered by injuries in 2018, as he looked much faster in his 2017 game against Mississippi State. Build-up speed runner who needs a lot of space to kick it into second gear. Short strider who can’t cover any ground when he needs to open up. Massive red flag getting caught from behind by a Duquesne defender while working towards sideline.


Needs to add more muscle to his frame to deal with jump in competition. Gets chopped at the knees too easily. Lowers his shoulder into contact and has shown potential with surviving undisciplined head-on shots from defenders. Knows how to take a hit and fall forward for extra yardage. Breaks through arm tackles once he has gathered some speed. Legs get bogged down but keep churning. Too easy to stand up and take away leverage from. Power may be more attributed to poor tackling than being a difficult player to take down; easier to bring down against Mississippi State than Boston College. Forward lean through the trash pile allows him to wade in further as he hits. Not a short-yardage guy, as he doesn’t do a good job of pushing the pile forward.


Not a dynamic lane finder in terms of where he heads with the ball. Won’t spot cutback lanes or take advantage of openings. Not a good enough athlete in terms of agility to capitalize on distant holes. Comfortable with taking what’s given to him; drops his pads and fights for the yardage this is available rather than searching for an exit door. Sees well enough ahead to halt if interior lane begins collapsing. Does his best to set opponents up with his movements, even though he can’t shake them off his trail. Downhill mentality. May need a lead blocker to set things up for him. Timing and patience working behind his offensive line is a work in progress. Attempts to shift his weight to the side in space to make himself a harder target to hit, although he’ll get squared up on by disciplined linebackers.

Pass Blocking & Receiving

Has reps playing as a wide receiver, although he was ineffective with his route-running. Seems uninterested in his routes and doesn’t run them with enthusiasm. Has the size for pass blocking, although he doesn’t always know how to use it. Looked more engaged in 2017 in pass protection. Awareness against blitzers needs work. Hand usage needs improvement; lacks timing or power with his punch. Prefers to use his shoulder rather than hands. Holds back when he gets double team opportunities instead of just trying to blast through defenders. Can’t cut hard out of his route breaks when asked to run them. Decent hands as a pass-catcher that don’t drop many gimme throws. Makes himself a target when plays fall apart.

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