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Marcus McMaryion

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Chuckie Keeton (Low) – Joshua Dobbs (Medium) – Deshaun Watson (High)


Although McMaryion’s college production draws the eye, his overall game is not one of a developmental player who can become a future backup. McMaryion is lacking in key areas of accuracy, mechanical refinement, and arm strength. He’s a decently athletic quarterback who can move around the pocket or take off for yards with his legs, but the overall toolbox is near empty. There are flashes on tape of McMaryion getting past his first option and finding secondary reads, but it did not come frequent enough to his issues with anticipation. He often missed lurking coverages and threw into risky areas of the field as a result of not accounting for defenders. McMaryion is reliant on seeing things open up before pursuing them, which often allowed throwing windows to close on him. His below average arm prevents him from making up for indecisiveness with raw physical talent. He will have trouble playing in tough conditions, and may not be able to succeed when the elements are in play. When he makes throws to the boundary they often float up for grabs for any aggressive cornerbacks or safeties to make a play on. He can get the ball about 45-50 yards downfield in game situations, but has to get some serious windup to make it happen. McMaryion’s mechanics are built to help overcome his limited arm, but it doesn’t actually do much to help. The approach McMaryion takes to offsetting his arm is by using rotational force to create velocity rather than generating it from his lower body. This tendency to whip his throws with his upper body rather than use his base is both unorthodox and damaging to accuracy. He doesn’t throw with increased release speed or ease, instead dealing with timing issues and passing starting off with a downwards trajectory. His passes end up hitting targets at the hips or thighs rather than meeting them in the numbers. Even when given opportunities to throw guys into yards after the catch he’ll force them to work back for the football, which poses questions about his rhythm as a passer. A typical case of throwing for the player not the target, he does not give many easy opportunities to his wideouts. McMaryion is only 6’1″” but looks taller due to his slender frame and release point. He rarely struggles to find passing lanes, and doesn’t deal with the typical struggles of shorter quarterbacks. His pocket movements can be a bit too rash at times, but he navigates away from pressure to find places to throw from. He’s far from powerful, but many pass rushers struggle to drag him down. Scrambles don’t come often, but he’s a sneaky good athlete both in space and in the backfield.

Reads & Decisions

Capable of going beyond his first read, but hasn’t shown the ability to go through full field progressions. Fails to respect underneath leverage, trying to muscle throws into places they can’t go. Can swap between options on crossers. Benefits significantly having the field shortened through rollouts. Complete disregard for potential interruption from defensive backs. Must throw with more anticipation to make up for his physical limitations. Stares down his receiver, which often gives away his intentions to the safety. Willing to throw it away when nothing is available. Offense was filled with screens and gimme throws that catered to his short game. Waits to see his target hit their break before putting the ball out there. Processing speed must increase to match faster defenses. Bouts of hesitation are damning.

Accuracy & Ball Placement

Mechanical problems create severe misplacements with some throws. Doesn’t miss into safe areas; ball goes straight into the teeth of the defense. Downfield placement is scattershot at best. Touch throws aren’t part of his resume; unable to alter trajectories effectively. High/low variance is an issue, pulls a lot of throws below the numbers. Issues with receiver miscommunications may be a reason for some of the very bad misses. Does not lead his target effectively. Understanding of where to place the ball may be worth questioning considering how infrequent throws away from leverage are. Intermediate passes that require threading over linebackers don’t come easy. Accounts for closed passing lanes well for his size. Accuracy drops off further when facing pressure.

Pocket Awareness & Scrambling

Undersized at 6’1″” and it shows when standing in the pocket. Mobility is functional enough to roll out of the pocket and slip to the sideline. Unafraid to throw with a hit on the way; doesn’t back down from opportunities from fear. Has the speed to pick up yardage as a scrambler if he gets a lane to run through. May take damage easily due to slender frame. Looks comfortable working forward to avoid backside pressure. Lanky build makes some of his movements extended to unreasonable points; has the setup of a 6’4″”+ guy. Movements seem to be reactive rather than proactive. Elusive enough to slip away from potential sacks. Vigilant approach helps to avoid getting blindsided by pass rushers. Willing to take off for yardage with his legs if nothing is available through the air. Strong for size.

Mechanics & Throwing Motion

Doesn’t possess a smooth release, often times pulling his throws off target at the end of the motion. Times the release instead of just letting the ball come off his fingers. Likes to flow into his setup rather than setting firm. Speed of throwing motion is concerning, as he has a significant windup. Unnatural weight transfer is not adequate for generating power as a passer. Seems to segment pieces of his throwing motion rather than having a fluid path from start to finish. Feet don’t stay settled through the process; doesn’t always angle them to the target. Attempts to adjust midthrow result in overcorrection. Base gets too wide. Cheats his mechanics on occasion outside. Tries to overcome some of his velocity problems by getting rotation through his setup, although it’s ineffective.

Arm Strength

Struggles driving the ball downfield through closing windows. Does not have NFL arm strength, which will likely limit his ceiling as a pro. Pushes his passes rather than allowing them to come off of his hand easy. Always at risk of having his passes jumped by reactive corners. Comebacks and curls tend to hang in the air too long. Really comes under stress trying to hit the 15+ yard boundary throws. Ability to create velocity does not seem different between a stationary and moving platform. Forced to wind up significantly to get anything further than 25-30 yards downfield. Weather conditions will hamper his play. Far side field throws aren’t feasible.

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