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L.J. Scott

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Zurlon Tipton (Low) – Ty Isaac (Medium) – Chris Carson (High)

Ability to Create Yardage

Slow feet aren’t capable of adapting to backfield penetration. Lacks the twitch or agility to make guys miss, and should not be trusted to win without contact. Balance is a huge question mark; can’t make even slight changes of direction without risking stumbles. Generally an uninspired runner who doesn’t play behind his pads or run with any intensity. No recovery ability once he starts to lose his footing. Runs on straight line tracks and can’t get off of them. Even slight jump cuts aren’t feasible without ruining his pacing and footwork. Size usually gets him snagged in tight spaces. Unable to earn his own yardage without the help of his blockers. Can’t run through defenders and stay on his feet due to poor contact balance. Stiff arm has its flashes, but he doesn’t have many tricks up his sleeve.


Not an explosive runner at any level of the field. Slow build up makes it difficult to reach the second level without getting contact from the linebackers. Not enough gas to turn the corner on even average speed linebackers. Only able to take what is blocked for him, and only does so if the lanes are held open for a while. Abysmal rate of speed when trying to work towards the sideline. Momentum dies immediately during changes of direction; no pep in his step out of cuts. Hampered by injuries later in his Michigan State career, which may have limited his athleticism on tape. Runs looked much more energetic against Utah State. Nothing changes when he gets into space and opens up his stride; still can’t get any separation from pursuit. Likely to get run down from behind even if he has nothing redirecting his path.


Size stands out immediately; has the body of a typical workhorse running back. Pads don’t drop into contact, which stalls him out hitting most linebackers in the hole. Won’t even be pulled off course by arm tackles; strong frame needs to be hit full force to be disheveled. Rumbles forward through tackle attempts if they don’t come with power; falls for extra yardage against shots to his side. Goal line back body could make him an appealing option against stacked boxes, but he doesn’t run with the necessary fervor. Needs to brace himself better for contact or he’ll be blown backwards by NFL hits; late to go for leverage and lower himself into hits. Underwhelming pile pushing ability. No noticeable leg drive in his runs into a crowd; feet get stuck in the mud as he gets stood up. Power is mass, not mass plus speed.


Strictly north-south and does not have the quickness to win beyond interior run structure. Does not seem to be comfortable working to the outside and following his blocks to the corner. Does his best to get skinny and slip through openings, even though he usually gets snagged. Peripheral vision is going to draw question marks, and rightfully so. Runs in open space lack any element of deceptiveness or unpredictability. Movements lack precision. Decisions to attack cutback lanes are more out of necessity than anything else. One-on-one opportunities are usually a stalemate due to questionable balance. Game speed looked to be more of a problem against Michigan. Pacing on his runs has to be molasses slow to allow for most adjustments. Stays patient behind his lead blocks.

Pass Blocking & Receiving

Has experience catching passes out of the backfield. Space filler in pass protection who forces edge rushers to go the long way around if they don’t want to engage heads up. Eats contact without budging; impressive anchor makes him pro ready on passing downs. Active feet in pass protection keep him in the way; stays ready to shift his weight and engage at a moment’s notice. Gets great extension with his punch. Not fleet-footed enough to earn his own separation against coverage. Experience working in the slot will likely not be useful due to his athletic profile. Cut blocks get good depth on them. Technique has flashes but isn’t there on a down to down basis. Awareness for blitzers is a bit unreliable; needs to keep his head on a swivel. Catching doesn’t look like an issue.

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