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Josh Jacobs

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Tre Mason (Low) – Devonta Freeman (Medium) – Alvin kamara (High)


Ability to Create Yardage

Changes directions with haste once he hits a sticky spot. One of the most pissed off runners in the class; demeanor is fiery. Agility pops out when squared up in the open field; can explode laterally and get out of the tackling radius of defenders. No problems with planting his foot in the ground and making a hard jump cut. Hips aren’t insanely loose, but he makes up for it with the rest of his qualities. Needs room to rev up before he is ready to break a tackle. Plan isn’t there to make the second guy miss. Excellent at recognizing and bracing for impact. Keeps momentum going forward even when defenders pull him; works towards first down like it’s magnetic. Rare mentality for the position. Able to survive almost anything if he sees it coming in advance. Overwhelms defenders with options.


Burst is adequate getting through the line of scrimmage. Speeds up heading into hits to help overpower defenders. Able to erase angles when he gets into a straight line foot race. Shorter strides shouldn’t result in long speed questions; eats up patches of grass with fast feet. Does not consistently reach the second level or turn the corner despite quality acceleration. Has trouble getting back in gear on a run after absorbing contact. Sneaky speed will deceive safeties in their pursuit angles. Can keep his run pacing through changes of direction, as long as he isn’t hit during it.


Meets contact full steam ahead with zero hesitation. Brings good pop in his pads; knocks unprepared defenders to the ground with his hits. Great at lowering the shoulder and bouncing off of hits. Sub-220 pound frame will draw questions about bellcow ability. Won’t quit runs early and take the easy way out of bounds; looks to punish defenders before going back to the huddle. Not the type to push groups or move the chains in short yardage situations. Power is created by velocity, not mass, and he should not be expected to win once he slows down in the crowd. Balance when contacted in his lower body isn’t always surefire; gets tripped up by arm tackles on occasion. Frame is maxed out already; won’t be able to add weight to help sturdiness through hits. Leg drive usually dies out once he meets the pile.


Comfortable working against the grain. Spots cutback lanes and can capitalize on them. Good reactive ability in the hole to avoid oncoming traffic. Does an excellent job of navigating crowded areas; slices past blocker/defender engagements with impunity. Not eager to bounce runs outside or look for big plays; just takes what is given and maximizes it with his hard-hitting approach. Capable of making defenders miss if he chooses to do so. Manipulates defender positioning to open up lanes; draws out tackle attempts prematurely. Patient but decisive when setting up behind his blockers. Must trust his outside runs more in transition to the pro game. Guns it forward as soon as he runs into trouble behind the line of scrimmage. Has bouts of poor judgement on longer developing plays.

Pass Blocking & Receiving

Willing to get engaged in pass protection; brings his hands into the mix rather than just throwing out the errant shoulder. Punch placement rarely finds the chest of his target. Allows pass rushers to get into his lap rather than going up to meet them. Good awareness of where pressure is arriving; identifies potential weak points pre-snap. Allows his feet to be drawn out from under him rather than staying squared with defender. Feasible receiver out of the backfield, although he isn’t a dynamic target. Can create yardage after the catch. Route tree was limited at Bama. Won’t shake defensive backs with routes. Hands catcher. Works across the ball to go get engaged with pressure; sticks his face in the fan to protect the passer. Routes lack gusto.


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