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Jaylon Ferfuson

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Kevin Dodd (Low) – Romeo Okwara (Medium) – Marcus Davenport (High)

Twitch & Moveset

Does a good job of manipulating the balance of blockers and pulling them into disadvantageous situations. Counters are often slow burn. Would rather engage with both hands and square up rather than attack an angle. Push/pull is intriguing. Needs a more creative plan to succeed against NFL talent; content to meet in a battle of wills instead of getting clean wins. Can win with the club, but doesn’t displace himself to break free of the blocker’s range. Understanding of range control is a work in progress, but has potential. Attacks the chest immediately and wins control. Flashes of violence in his hands aren’t frequent enough. Ineffective with inside counters. Gets redirected around the pocket. Arsenal is unrefined right now. Primarily a power rusher without any true finesse to his rushes. Bats away lineman punches.

Natural Bend & Athleticism

Played primarily as a stand up rusher at Louisiana Tech despite being better suited for having his hand in the dirt. Does not possess the movement skills to drop back into coverage and see utilization as an outside linebacker in the pros. Not much explosiveness in his first step. Will have trouble catching tackles off guard with his outside rushes. Struggles to get skinny and knife his way through gaps. Potential with speed to power is enticing; can mow over unprepared linemen when he resorts to the bull rush. Has issues trying to bend around the corner and maintain balance while doing so. Position change is a projection, even though he has experience with his hand in the dirt. Was unsuccessful in his stunt attempts. Crafty to win vs. outside shoulder, but can’t flatten towards passer.

Anchor Strength

Frame has the room to add weight, and he will likely need to bulk up to play 5-tech in the pros. Anchor isn’t good enough to take on double teams and hold his ground yet. Got moved backwards as a run defender in his snaps against LSU TE Foster Moreau. Body is likely best at around 265 pounds, and shouldn’t be much heavier than that. Looks the part in short yardage situations, even though he doesn’t exactly play like it. Can be jarred by a good punch. Understands how to work leverage, but has trouble maintaining it due to his height. Ability to move bodies when he has some momentum just isn’t there without build-up. Built for the edge; should not drop weight to try linebacker. Should not be flexed inside at 3-tech even on guaranteed passing downs. Iffy balance when attacking angles.


Run defender first and foremost in his college scheme. Wingspan as a tackler should not be an issue; can reach runners without being in their grill. Goes low with proper wrapping technique. Strong enough to drag down runners without any assistance. Not disciplined enough with his hands when trying to break free from blocks. Gang tackler mentality brings him in to finish the job. Runs through his hits. Has to have the ball come to him first. Lacks the range to make athletic plays on the runner; won’t catch guys at a distance. Must disengage from blockers faster if he wants to get a piece on rushing plays. Wait and see approach that was coached into him will need to become more reactive as a pro. Needs to improve at funneling ball-carriers into his linebackers.


Drives his legs hard through contact, and it shows in his ability to get push. Motor is adequate when he’s set free and told to just get after the passer. Hot/cold in pursuit if he isn’t play-side. Play awareness is a concern from time to time. Seems to pull up and gear down if he gets pulled away from the play. Not the type to chase down quarterbacks in the backfield. Capable of driving linemen five yards into the backfield if they can’t set their feet properly. Saw most of his success come with effort plays as a pass-rusher.

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