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Jalin Moore

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Tarean Folston (Low) – Demario Richard (Medium) – Devine Redding (High)

Ability to Create Yardage

Body control and recovery ability once he starts to lose control is questionable. Lower body agility is inadequate for a pro back. Can’t make hard changes of direction or even jump cuts without losing control. Running style is particularly choppy and jagged, which really comes to the forefront once he is past the yardage blocked open. Doomed if there is any backfield penetration. Has trouble switching lanes and getting out of danger’s path once he gets the ball in his hands. Frequently tripped up by ankle biting tackles. Can win with tempo alterations. Has trouble recalculating his path and getting back on course if anyone touches him; not a natural when working beyond structure. Spin move isn’t used often enough, but it works. Reactiveness is there when things go awry.


Speed dies immediately when he attempts to cut outside. Very poor lateral quickness should cut off attempts to adjust his path. Runs don’t see daylight because of how late he is arriving to the linebackers. No big play potential due to how slowly he gets up to top speed. Unable to turn the corner on linebackers and get going in a foot race. Plays where he runs at higher speeds usually always end up with him running himself into trouble; too much of a brake time to get going fast. Testing is going to be a huge concern, which may ruin his stock given he’s still recovering from an injury. Feet are heavy and sluggish, particularly in older games. Was unable to open up into a stride even on his longer runs; no second gear. Very marginal acceleration at all levels of the field. Gets run down from behind.


Lacks the strength to fight through wrap up tackles with any consistency. No pile pushing ability as a senior, but he showed leg drive as a junior. Difference in balance between junior and senior year is outrageous. Lower body can’t withstand hits. Occasionally drops his pads into contact and forces defenders to win a leverage battle. Flashes of power are only unlocked when he has time to prepare for an open-field hit. Jump in play strength at the NFL level could be a killer for his game. Willing to walk out of bounds rather than finish his runs hard. Stiff arm has some potential if he can deploy it faster and more accurately. Level of intensity as a runner often varies depending on the game situation. 2017 tape showed a much stronger runner. Frame may have trouble adjusting to the pro game. Can’t pack much more weight on.


Tries to set up defenders and elude them laterally, but he can’t consistently pull it off. Amount of steps he has to take in making cuts and going against the grain is ridiculous for a pro prospect. Wasn’t given much help by the Appalachian State offensive line; gaps were sealed shut throughout the Penn State game. Has a downhill mentality with his runs, but fails to capitalize on the openings due to how late his adjustments are. Outside runs don’t have much of a variety to them, as he just rides the wave to wherever his line takes him. Only found chunk yardage when he was given vast amounts of room behind his blockers. Starts going headfirst into traffic if his target gap is unavailable. Vision fluctuates on a down-to-down basis. Efforts to find cutbacks are unsuccessful.

Pass Blocking & Receiving

Gets square with blockers and fills up space with his body, but does not have disciplined enough footwork to match them on their approach. Has experience catching passes out of the backfield; viable option for his quarterback if nothing is available upfield. Has the “come hit me” running style that could work in one-on-one matchups against corners or safeties near the boundary. Not explosive enough through route breaks to gain separation. Allows too many throws into his body and fails to secure them properly. Hands aren’t particularly powerful when he makes contact as a blocker, but he can move unprepared linebackers out of the action. Energetic approach to handling pass protection is an exciting quality in his game.

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