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Hakeem Adeniji Scouting Report

Scouting Report done by Mark Jarvis. See all his work at What’s on Draft. Support his work on Patreon.  See the full report in the 2020 NFL Draft Database here.

Summer Scouting Report

Activity level with his hands and feet jumps off the screen. Built a little thin and doesn’t look like his listed 310 pounds. Smaller arms might end up pushing him inside to guard. One of the more mobile tackles in this senior class; moves like he’s 290 pounds. Quick to transition blocks and get back on his horse. Struggles to maintain angles and hold off single rushers. Flashes of leg drive but he doesn’t have the natural power to push guys around. Frame doesn’t look like it can carry additional weight. Has proven himself capable of hitting reach blocks. Quick decision-maker when it comes to dealing with stunts and making choices. Balance saves him from ending up on the ground even though his play strength isn’t great. Much quicker in close quarters than he is working as a second level blocker. Capable of mirroring pass rushers step for step. Finishes to the ground if he gets an opening. Lack of control once he gets engaged is an issue. Can eat a bull rush and redirect it, but the level of competition might prove to be too much for him in the pros. Fights to stay in the chest. Mid-rounder upside if he can develop properly this year. 6th Round Summer Grade.

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