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Elijah Holyfield

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Andre Ellington (Low) – Ronald Jones II (Medium) – Dalvin Cook (High)

Ability to Create Yardage

Agility is more than adequate for the league; can easily slide out of the way of backfield trouble and buy real estate for himself. Crisp with lane adjustments and running path. Body control and balance are both great as long as he isn’t being contacted. Capable of planting his foot in the dirt and making near 90 degree cuts without delay; remarkable loose runner. Gathers himself from a squared stance into a run with remarkable ease. Lateral movement skills are off the charts. Jump cuts, 90 degree cuts, you name it he’s got it. Minimization of contact window in space makes him tough to get a hand on. Smoothest runner in the class. Able to go up and over with a crisp hurdle. Loses to ankle biters. Stiff arm gets used but it doesn’t have much pop to it. Stutter-step helps freeze defenders.


Good control over his pacing; stop/start ability is a quality trait. Maintains his momentum through changes of direction. Acceleration isn’t top notch but it should be acceptable for the pro game. Loses the majority of his steam as soon as he runs into an arm. Not a guaranteed angle eraser but has enough gas to outrun linebackers to the boundary. Speed isn’t going to create tons of home run plays, but he can eat up large swaths of ground in a foot race. Stride length is middle of the pack. Gets run down even from advantageous angles. Second wind on longer runs isn’t a known commodity. Testing numbers are going to be a much better measure for his top speed than tape.


Plays smaller than he is listed; tends to disappear between the tackles. Not a winner when meeting defenders in the hole; unable to impose himself at the contact point. Goes down on first contact rather than fighting forward for extra yardage. Thin lower half gets chopped out easily. Frame seems slightly underdeveloped. Leg drive dies out quickly once he meets the pile or gets tangled up. Can be taken down by arm tackles if he isn’t able to create enough separation. Running style doesn’t seem to have a nasty edge to it. Usually a one man job for any safety worth their salt. Downwards rather than forwards. No short yardage potential, and bellcow back upside will be in question due to his lack of strength. Pads take too long to drop into contact. Inconsistent as a finisher. Seemed to run harder against LSU.


Reactive ability meets the expectations for a pro back; doesn’t freeze up when a defender is bearing down. Hits the hole with some vigor rather than second guessing it. Fantastic at getting skinny to work his way through creases in the defense; master of manipulating small spaces. Willing to wait behind his blockers if necessary, but attacks as soon as openings form outside of structure. Physical tools allow him to explore any avenue as a runner. Functionality with redirecting his path is remarkable; turns shit to sugar on a regular basis. Success at winning outside of structure makes him scheme versatile. Speed of decisions does not falter. Recognizes cutback opportunities if the outside run fails; knows when lanes are dead and adjusts accordingly. Presses the line of scrimmage well.

Pass Blocking & Receiving

Hands catcher who sees the ball through the diamond. Used as a lead blocker in two back sets. Squares up well as a pass protector; puts his body in the line of fire for his quarterback. Glides out of the backfield when he’s acting as a checkdown. Perfect type of back for catching passes in the flats and turning them into big gains with YAC abilities. Can make any opponent miss in a one-on-one environment, so he’ll be a danger any time he gets open field. Footwork needs a more measured approach. Inexperienced as a pass catcher; only seven career receptions to his name. May need some seasoning before he can be trusted on passing downs. Currently prefers to body block rather than getting hand extension and punching.

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