Easton Stick

Easton Stick

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Chandler Harnish (Low) – Brandon Allen (Medium) – Kevin Hogan (High)


A true enigma, few quarterbacks will be able to match Easton Stick in terms of up and down performances. One play he’ll deliver a beautiful strike that is impossible to defend on the deep ball. The next play he’ll panic and look to run or throw into traffic. The highs are those of a starter, but the lows are going to have trouble sticking a backup role. Stick has built up a decent following in the draft community given some of the flashes that were on his 2017 tape, but the overall product tends to fall apart during a full evaluation. In particular, his tendency to take off as a runner instead of surveying the field is a major flaw that will prevent him from getting action in the pros. His accuracy seemed to fall off as a senior as well. As a pure runner, Stick does have good agility for a quarterback and does a maximizes his opportunities to carry the ball. He’ll find running lanes to get into and pick up every blade of grass available. His body isn’t huge by any means, but he has enough packed onto his frame to avoid injuries on most tackles. Mechanically speaking he does a good job of adjusting on the fly and creating his angles from adverse conditions. This constant turnover in his mechanical processes does result in some issues with his ball placement and timing, both which will need to be improved at the pro level. The deep ball accuracy shows both sides of the coin. He’ll nail a throw over the top of cornerback and into the basket, but will follow it up by underthrowing his target by several yards. Natural accuracy was an intriguing aspect of his 2017 tape, but it must have been an illusion during study. The hole in Stick’s game that kills his odds of being an early round pick is his mental processing, which is not adequate to step into the league. He locks onto targets and works primarily based off his first read. When his first read is not available he’ll either force it, run, or hit the panic button and hesitate. His experience working under center and running an offense that featured plenty of play-action will fool sticklers to scheme, but he is not ready to run an NFL offense. If forced into action as a young player he will struggle significantly given the increase in game speed, which is already magnified for him as an FCS quarterback. Stick has the arm strength to hit mostly any throw that is asked of him, but his moments of indecisiveness make anticipatory throws much harder than they need to be. The tools are there to be a successful quarterback, but he’s an incomplete package coming out of school.

Reads & Decisions

Faced easier defenses and wider windows playing at the FCS level. Chases the big play rather than settling for underneath stuff. One read and shoot style decision maker who did not make complex decisions in the Bison offense. Spent most of the South Dakota State game attacking one-on-one opportunities downfield. Unconvincing with his eyes when he tries to pull linebackers. Loves to stare down his man as he waits for the break to hit. Has shown the barebones of going through progressions with extensive amounts of time in the pocket, but pacing is inconsistent. Hesitates to pull the trigger if coverage is difficult. Internal clock needs sped up. Allows windows to close due to wait and see approach. Makes his target choices pre-snap; puts throws into impossible coverages.

Accuracy & Ball Placement

Deep balls don’t give enough lead for the receiver to run underneath it. Understands altering trajectories to hit bucket throws; tries forcing defenders to work against difficult angles. Natural accuracy in the short and intermediate game jumps out; throws darts when asked to put passes on a line. Anticipation and timing on touch throws needs a lot of work. Puts passes over the top of linebackers and avoids underneath traffic with his ball path. Had too many passes sail against the Jackrabbits. Outside throws lack the desired placement, as he pulls most of them too far inside. Has the capability of making high difficulty throws, but rarely delivers on them game-by-game. Ball is often late and following the break, making his receiver a much smaller target. Accuracy fell off a cliff against WIU. Pocket

Awareness & Scrambling

Has enough gas to make scrambling work, although he won’t break away into foot races. Fearless when pressure is flying in. Willing to take kill shots from free rushers if it means getting the ball out. Undersized and may not hit the 6’2″ benchmark that plenty of teams want to see. Hard to drag down despite average build. Eyes drop too early as he looks to pick up yardage with his legs. Instant get up and go runner who turns it loose the second he has a lane. Made defenders miss against the lower level of competition, although he isn’t an incredible athlete. Follows his blockers masterfully. Comfortable with rollouts given how often he ran play-action from under center. Feels pressure breaking through and takes swift steps to avoid hits, but must stay in passing mindset.

Mechanics & Throwing Motion

Mechanics aren’t conformist, but they’re functional and organic in the lower half. Great understanding of lower body balancing; always settles his feet before trying to whip it. Quick resetter who can always make a platform. Swings open too early and has to compensate with his arm adjustment. Throwing motion can come too close to his body and result in an unsettling over the top approach on some throws. Release point changes from throw to throw rather than staying consistent. Alters his arm slot to adjust for pressure without any slowdown or unnatural hinges. Ball rarely goes off line; excellent spiral that makes passes easy to snag. Tendency to widen his base may concern some scouts, although it doesn’t seem to affect accuracy. Crisp footwork setup with precise steps.

Arm Strength

Good weight transfer allows him to maximize his natural arm strength; drives hard off of front foot to make downfield shots possible. Capable of reaching 60 yards if he has time to crank it. Deep passes don’t slice through the air. Seems to rev up the ball a lot when taking a straight line approach; may have hidden throwing power that is covered by desire to throw with touch. Gets insane torque when he wants it. Throwing at combine and/or pro day will be important for getting a real measure on how much velocity he can create. Arm doesn’t drop off when forced to throw on the move.

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