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Devin Singletary

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Aaron Green (Low) – Ito Smith (Medium) – Justin Forsett (High)


Singletary’s game is primarily built on his smoothness working laterally and avoiding defenders at the line of scrimmage, and he has moments where he looks like a quality committee back at the pro level. The biggest knock on Singletary’s game is his speed, as he did not demonstrate the ability to break off long runs at the college level. Despite facing primarily group of five competition, he was unable to get into space and win foot races against linebackers and safeties with consistency. This lack of explosive playmaking ability is what will likely prevent him from ever developing into a feature back at the next level, although the rest of his game could handle that demand if he were only a bit faster. Singletary is a tenacious runner who is unafraid of getting into a clash with defenders, but he is quick enough to avoid them in most instances. He navigates clear of backfield traffic with swift jump cuts and sidesteps, and glides safely towards the sideline. Even when forced to work in narrow spaces he condenses the target area for defenders. If he is not hit cleanly he won’t go down from anyone in the back seven, but when defenders are able to square up and put the pads on him it’s often the end of the play. Despite being able to consistently elude the first man, Singletary does not put together moves in the open space, instead relying on his blockers to open up opportunities for him. When forced to rebound quickly from a cut he’ll stumble or get tripped by the next arrival. There’s no doubt that Singletary runs hard, often on display when given a choice to walk out of bounds or go head first into the wall, but he is simply overwhelmed when the pile forms around him. The leg drive is limited, as he goes down almost immediately. His patience is likely his greatest quality. It was on display despite a Florida Atlantic line that did not always serve him well against good competition. He maximizes the yardage given to him by his blockers then finds an extra couple to dig for. Through both the Central Florida and Oklahoma games he never overextended himself and got on top of his blockers prematurely to the point of ruining a play. One area where he could look to improve his stock would be as a receiver. His physical traits do not project well to running routes, but improving his aggressiveness as a pass blocker would go a long way for earning snaps. He’s a safe catcher who can be trusted to bring in the checkdown, so becoming a more well-rounded back on passing downs will almost certainly lead to more opportunities.

Ability to Create Yardage

Capable of avoiding breakthrough in the backfield, often showcasing the ability to stick his foot in the ground and cut. Contorts himself into forward-leaning angles to maintain momentum on contact and avoid big shots. Has some wiggle to bounce outside of defenders, but isn’t going to break ankles left and right. Effective stiff arm user who can generate extra yardage by fighting off tacklers before they get into his frame. Agility may look less impressive once the game speeds up, but he navigates traffic well and sidesteps potential hazards. Has no trouble with rerouting without involving excessive steps. Recovery takes too long after he makes the first man miss; stumbles on his own. Foot control and ability to relocate laterally is a standout trait. Not flashy, but tough to finish.


Lacks one cut explosiveness, and will have a fair amount of reps where he gets tangled at the line of scrimmage. Somewhat of a one gear runner; doesn’t shift quick enough to reach the second level and erase angles. Will get caught from behind by athletic defenders when put in a foot race situation. Has not shown the ability to consistently win the corner and get to the sideline. Takes too much time to rev up in between cuts. Lack of dynamic athleticism is going to hinder his odds of becoming a feature back at the next level. Never turns it on in open field opportunities, staying somewhat close to his takeoff speed. Apparant when he is setting up to hit the brakes, which allows defenders to hone in on him. Does not have stop/start immediacy.


Meets tacklers at the boundary without backing down and allowing easy outs. Would rather lower his pads and deliver a shot than step out of bounds prematurely. Contact balance is acceptable for size, but not special. Only listed at around 200 pounds, which likely results in some issues breaking tackles as a pro. Seems to disappear in the hole at times due to stature; won’t power through the arms of linemen. Requires more than an arm tackle to take out. Comfortable pinballing off of weak tackle attempts. Can’t move the pile and push for extra yardage when he runs into a crowd. Leg drive is not there yet, as he’ll often go downwards rather than forwards. Knows when he is out of room to work and eats the hits on the chin when nothing is available. Unlikely to find much success in short yardage situations.


Comfortable working the inside track and picking his spots in between the tackles. Patient working up to the line of scrimmage, allowing lanes to open up before making a commitment. Developed decision-maker who rarely puts himself into trouble with the path he takes. Follows his linemen with poise, allowing blocking concepts to come to fruition before trying to make a big play happen. Spots cutback lanes and takes full advantage of them when his blockers fail to protect him. Open field vision is there, even though it doesn’t always save him. Instinctive with tacklers coming into his space and trying to bring him down; natural at just making guys miss in a one-on-one context. Doesn’t string open field cuts together. Ability to find space in the hole is impressive; rarely meets anyone head-to-head. Downhill mentality.

Pass Blocking & Receiving

Hands catcher who can reel in the ball at all areas of his frame. Presents his chest to the quarterback. Undeveloped in his pass protection at this point; misses assignments and allows free rushers through. Never quits on difficult passes, putting his body on the line to bring them down. Punch timing isn’t synced up yet. Puts his body in the way when he understands where to be, but does not go on the aggressive. Size differential shows when asked to win one-on-one matchups without help from linemen. Throws a shoulder out to get involved, but doesn’t engage with real tenacity. Lacks the quickness to function as a receiving back; will struggle to shake defensive backs with his routes. Doesn’t sell his breaks convincingly to opponents.

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