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D’Eriq King Scouting Report

Scouting Report done by Mark Jarvis. See all his work at What’s on Draft. Support his work on Patreon.  See the full report in the 2020 NFL Draft Database here.

Summer Scouting Report

Athleticism allows him to peel out of the pocket without getting caught. Stands under 6-foot tall and it affects his play. Too quick to get outside of structure and put himself in the line of fire. Arm strength is below average and may not be enough to meet NFL thresholds in terms of velocity. Flashes some touch on downfield throws. Able to arc and change trajectories, but his height does make throwing straight-liners tough. Might be able to find some hidden throwing power with improved lower body mechanics. Not enough long speed to turn the corner. Accuracy fluctuates. Comfortable in pocket for his size. UDFA Summer Grade.

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