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Demarcus Christmas

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Stevie Tu’ikolovatu (Low) – Eli Ankou (Medium) – D.J. Reader (High)

Anchor Strength

Stout frame is built for holding down the interior. Carries over 300 pounds comfortably; made for working as a run stuffing lineman. Weight is distributed well throughout his body, and he doesn’t carry anything excess in the torso. Thick rear and tree trunk legs make him immovable for single blockers. Has the size to fill up space and force runners to work between cracks, assuming his teammates do their job. Won’t get walked off of his spot even after losing leverage. Short yardage situations won’t see him pushed out of the way, even by double teams, but he is usually nullified. Anchors in well when he is targeted by double teams. Above average balance helps to keep him stable under all circumstances. Seemed to get stronger heading into his final season; spent less time on the ground.

Block Shedding

Goes chest first into blocks rather than getting extension with his hands first. Must have a more controlled approach to hand fighting if he wants to win and get engaged with the ball-carrier. Questionable ability to control two-gap situations because he can’t break free as the runner comes through. Counters aren’t there when he gets tangled up in hand fighting. Shorter arms are going to get his chest taken and controlled throughout the duration of most plays. Hands are somewhat slow and predictable. No creativity or imagination with his approach. Seems to be more focused on dealing with his blocker than locating the ball and affecting it. Stamina seems to deplete throughout games and his effort dwindles as a result. Slow burn approach usually keeps him from breaking free in a timely manner.


Recognition skills don’t seem to matter much while trying to disengage and get to the ball. Arm length is going to be a concerning factor due to poor tackle radius and limited lateral range. Has trouble getting a handle on the ball-carrier while still engaged with linemen. Runner has to usually arrive directly inside of his frame for the tackle to be completed. Won’t go full speed to get to the ball if he has any fair amount of distance from it. Has the strength to finish as soon as he gets his hands on the target. See ball, get ball approach isn’t present. Can’t effectively snatch up guys from a distance even when he gets free from a block. Technique really doesn’t matter given his strength. Stops backs in their tracks as soon as he gets a good grip on them; grown man strength kills leg drive. Imprecise movements open lanes.

Pass Rushing

Not explosive out of his stance, and will struggle to catch blockers off guard with his initial rush. Hands have flashes of great power but he doesn’t consistently bring it out with his rush. Only pathway to the quarterback is bull rushing straight through folks. Needs to create a better plan into the backfield if he wants to get reps on passing downs. Not a natural pocket pusher, and won’t frequently collapse the interior onto a quarterback’s lap. Unlikely to warrant extra attention or double teams to shut down in any situation. Can win reps if he gets into the chest and takes over the inside. Momentum is more important to his rush than anything else; doomed once his first push fails. Legs will drive if he puts opponents on their heels. Technique looked more honed in as an underclassman. Swim move flashed in 2017.


Open-field movement skills are unimpressive, and he should not be trusted to close distance on the ball-carrier. Heavy feet prevent him from making adjustments. Can’t explode laterally fast enough to place himself into lanes once the back makes their decision. Zero chance of running down the ball-carrier even if he hustles the whole way. Testing could see teams using him specifically as a 1-tech nose tackle. Absymal change of direction; can’t shift his path in pursuit of the quarterback. No hopes of cutting an angle and working with any lower body flexion. Attempts to work up the line of scrimmage to cut off the ball are fruitless. Short area acceleration is not there to close on backs in the hole. Runs straight up without any lean. Looked quicker against Bama.

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