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David Montgomery

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Jonathan Williams (Low) – Royce Freeman (Medium) – Jordan Howard (High)

Ability to Create Yardage

Mean jump cut gets him out of the way of danger. Reliable recovery ability once he loses his footing. Somewhat heavy-footed, which is expected for his stature. Nasty yardage winner who can claw tooth and nail between the tackles. Spin is deployed effectively. Changes of direction aren’t sloppy, but they are slow. Struggles to stick his foot in the dirt and make hard cuts on a moment’s notice. Always a step late due to his style as a runner. Agility isn’t terrible for his weight if he plays 225+, but would be an issue if he is closer to 215 on gamedays. Can’t help it, but he’s a bull in a china shop with most of his runs. Rarely able to make guys miss clean. Usually one cut and done, although he can string things together in space. Improving precision on a step to step basis could create huge benefits.


Odds of turning the corner are rather low; can’t get past athletic linebackers on a frequent basis. Not an easy accelerator out of the backfield; stop/start ability is far below desired level. No big play potential due to athletic limitations. Cannot be trusted to turn big openings into big plays given how easily he gets run down. Unlikely to get much faster even if he drops weight. Gets snagged by backside pursuit at the line of scrimmage. Likely going to be restricted to running between the tackles at the pro level. Lack of explosiveness out of his cuts makes it difficult to avoid being entangled on his way through the hole. Longer stride length when he gets out into the open field, but it doesn’t translate into speed. Not a dynamic runner from a physical standpoint.


Takes more than arm tackles to knock down; has strength throughout his whole body. Legs drive as soon as his lower half is tangled, and he’s capable of pulling defenders with him if they’re latched on. Not always a finisher when he’s working towards the boundary. Would rather step out of bounds than take a hard shot for one or two more yards. Could be molded into the goal line hammer for a team that needs a designated power guy. Needs a runway to get real pop behind his pads. Frame looks maxed out, which is a major concern if he only weighs in around 215 pounds like the school roster suggests. Runs too tall. Pads don’t drop into contact enough, which kills his momentum. More of a hitter than a plower; does not generate desired movement at the contact point to push for extra yardage.


Good reactiveness when breakthrough happens at the line of scrimmage. Changes lanes without overthinking or delaying his run. Won’t run himself into his own blockers by hitting the gas prematurely. Does an excellent job of maximizing what is blocked for him; stays with the lead blockers all the way. Spots cutback lanes and attacks them if his blocks fall apart. Has trouble navigating through smaller holes, as he gets snagged from the sides. Instincts seem to be fine but he can’t follow through with his adjustments effectively. Attempts to set defenders up with feints in space; has an understanding of how to manipulate tacklers. No qualms with bouncing it outside if he gets the space. Pacing and footwork seemed more controlled vs. Iowa. Decisiveness and quick processing stand out.

Pass Blocking & Receiving

Size allows him to match up with linebackers and even smaller edge rushers one-on-one. Awareness in pass protection is acceptable. Throws his body into blocks rather than getting his hands up first. Technical refinement is going to be a necessity in his transition. Wide-bodied guy who forces people to take the long way around. Received opportunities to catch the ball out of the backfield, although separation ability is not a guaranteed asset. Does not have the traits to translate as a big time pass catcher, but can function as a safety blanket for his quarterback. Gets square with his block but loses the leverage battle. Looked looser at route breakpoint against Iowa. Routes have some nuance with his footwork.

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