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David Blough

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Bram Kohlhausen (Low) – Nick Arbuckle (Medium) – Dane Evans (High)


The fact Blough’s grade is even this high may be a black mark on my system, as his tape was downright unwatchable at times. The only part of his game that passes as serviceable is his mechanics, but even those can get messy. His inability to get through progressions, atrocious accuracy at all levels of the field, and abysmal arm strength make his odds of making it as a pro nearly impossible. Throughout his tape he made only a few NFL caliber throws, most coming in the Michigan State game. The Ohio State performance, however, may be one of the worst performances I’ve watched from a quarterback. His passes were off the mark by 5-10 yards on many throws, and attempts to go beyond 10 yards were fruitless. The Purdue offense catered to Blough as much as possible, offering him screens and one read crossers to avoid stressing his limitations. He operated the offense efficiently, but most of his yardage was picked up after the catch by his playmakers. It’s stunning that Blough was given a Shrine game invite, but it may say more about the state of the senior quarterback class than Blough. One of the few positives with Blough his ability to extend plays by rolling out of the pocket and finding space. He doesn’t have the speed to run away from anyone, but will slip away from pressure and get to a new platform. His movements within the pocket will need to be more controlled, as he needs to find passing lanes to work from. At the moment he climbs the pocket without much of a plan, putting himself into even deeper waters. His size is one of the big worries teams will have about him, as he is well below the expected measurements of a pro quarterback. Blough is listed at 6’1″”, but looks closer to 5’11″” on the field. If he measures in below the 6″” line he will likely not get a shot anywhere. The mechanics aren’t as bad as the rest of his game, but they aren’t pretty by any means. He overcompensates for some of the other problems by putting too much effort into his throws, making his ball path torque to the side on occasion. The overall process is clean for an undersized guy, albeit somewhat slow. Arm strength is what sinks the boat on his chance at playing professional ball, as he lacks the velocity to make NFL caliber throws. Even checkdowns look like he’s throwing a medicine ball, and intermediate throws have to get through a shopping mall of people to reach their target.

Reads & Decisions

Primarily a one-read and done decision maker who won’t go looking for secondary options. Needs to throw with more anticipation for his receivers out of their break. Hesitates if his receiver isn’t already turning back to the ball; did not trust his guys to be in their spots. Second guesses himself constantly to avoid making a big mistake. Knows when the play is doomed and throws it away if possible. Doesn’t hold linebackers or safeties with his eyes. Seems to have most of his decisions made pre-snap. Did not demonstrate comfort working back to the checkdown. Had plenty of screens worked into the offense to allow easy throws in short areas. Does not play with a high risk, high reward mentality. Michigan State game had multiple plays completely disregarding underneath defenders in coverage.

Accuracy & Ball Placement

Has accuracy issues so severe that it made many of his throws uncatchable. Does not have control over his aim going both vertical and horizontal, likely due to overcompensation for weaker arm. Touch isn’t there yet when attempting to alter the arc of the ball. Seemed out of sync with his receivers. Overthrows are a common issue. Throws rarely hit the receiver in stride and allow for yards after the catch. Turns opportunities to give vertical lead into simple jump ball situations with his poor accuracy. Attempts to hit deep shots are downright putrid; misses by a mile when trying to go for home run plays. Passes off platform don’t have a chance to get to their target. Ohio State performance is one of the worst I’ve ever seen in regards to accuracy. Tends to slide below the numbers on many passes.

Pocket Awareness & Scrambling

Drastically undersized at 6’0″”, and will not come close to meeting the height benchmark of many teams. Feet may seem busy leading up to some throws, but he works away from pressure without any delays. Will have trouble finding passing lanes when working inside the pocket due to size. Often rolled out or backed away just to see options clearly downfield. Tries to climb back up when backside collapses. Not strong enough to handle contact from pass rushers and stay on his feet. Shrinks away from contact during throws and won’t stay true to his mechanics if he’s going to get blasted. Mobile enough to get out of the pocket and scramble towards the sideline. Internal clock isn’t there yet, but he spots breakthrough well. Doesn’t use his legs to pick up yards through interior lanes.

Mechanics & Throwing Motion

Plant and go setup that doesn’t have unnecessary movement or wasted motions involved. Upper body mechanics and arm path are severely broken due to need for velocity. Whips his passes hard in an attempt to give them an extra bit of juice, but it just ruins his placement. Good weight transfer and drive off of front foot, although it doesn’t do much to offset the rest. Has a significant windup that delays the process. Sets his feet towards the target properly before beginning his motion. Tends to drift into throws with his footwork if it’s a timing throw. Gets a good over the top release that keeps the ball clear of trouble that many shorter quarterbacks deal with. Tries to throw off his back foot to replicate touch, horribly butchering some boundary throws as a result. Base width varies with pressure.

Arm Strength

Makes throwing a 15 yard out route difficult. Does not have the velocity on his passes necessary to make difficult throws. Was forced to work the short game to death due to inability to stretch the field with his arm. Has 25 yard passes falling out of the air like they’ve been gunned down. Has to throw everything like his life depends on it. Almost no chance of the ball arriving in a timely manner. Does not have the ability to wait to see things; must have the ball heading to the target in advance. Pushes the ball out rather than having a natural release that comes off the fingers easy. Most downfield windows simply won’t be available to him as a pro. Always at risk of having someone undercutting his passes. Arm may max out in game situations below 50 yards; distance is just not there on his throws.

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