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Darrin Hall

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Jahwan Edwards (Low) – Keith Ford (Medium) – Kenneth Dixon (High)

Ability to Create Yardage

Takes a few steps to recalculate and change direction; should not be trusted to make hard cuts. Has trouble creating for himself in space. Not a viable option to win one-on-one matchups. Lack of elusiveness will hinder his touches in a committee of backs. Has to round off on a lot of his adjustments. Doomed if there is penetration in the backfield; unable to avoid oncoming defenders without some help from his line. Feet aren’t quick-firing. Out of control once he gets into contact situations; can’t correct himself and reset his path. Hips are stiffer than what would be preferred. Attempts to stutter step and set up defenders are detrimental to his power. Altered pacing with his runs is more the result of agility limitations than intentional adjustments.


Surprising acceleration ability once he finds a hole. Not fast enough east-to-west to win the corner on stretch plays, but flies through interior gaps into the second level. Erases angles at a decent rate; can blow past unprepared linebackers and reach the safeties in good time. Revs up by the time he reaches the line of scrimmage, and maxes out to his top speed within 15 yards. Not going to win many long foot races against defensive backs. Doesn’t have an extra gear to break into as an open-field runner; quicker than fast. Burst is straight-line and isn’t maintained through small shifts. Benefited from having a runway and a lead blocker in college; may struggle to generate speed working out of shotgun. Significant slow-down when making changes of direction will call for limited traffic in his path.


Compact frame is built best for work between the tackles. Leg drive is there once he meets contact, and it shows in his ability to push for an extra yard or two. Gets forward lean into contact; braces well for hits. Plays it too safe towards the sidelines rather than trying to impose his will on defensive backs. Does not possess the natural strength to overpower defenders. Won’t be taken out by poor attempts to his upper body. Lower body balance is a concern; gets tripped up almost every time when hit below the waist. Can’t fight through a good wrap-up tackle. Leap in competition will make his style tougher to succeed with; lacks power back size. Saw success with his stiff arm, but could stand to improve its usage. Body should have no problem holding up in the league thanks to bowling ball style build.


Downhill mentality keeps him working forward instead of searching for back doors. Understands his physical limitations and avoids stressing them. Consistently maximizes the yardage that is blocked open for him by play design. Unable to make creative decisions in space due to lackluster athleticism. Can’t adjust quick enough to immediate threats. Linear runner without much lateral potential. Has trouble recognizing cutback lanes and taking advantage of them. Decisive at every level of the field; won’t get caught overthinking his choices. Can’t get skinny and wedge his way through gaps without getting overwhelmed. Reactive not proactive in his path adjustments. Questionable peripheral vision results in being caught off guard by some hits.

Pass Blocking & Receiving

Hands catcher who can extend to pull the ball in. Unlikely to make big plays after the catch on his own volition. Willing lead blocker at Pittsburgh, although he preferred to use his body rather than his hands. Allows his feet too far ahead when squaring up to pass block; can be tumbled with a pure power rush due to technical issues. Footwork in pass protection is not precise; has to correct himself for oversetting. Size isn’t going to be an issue in dealing with linebackers, as long as he can hone the craft. Tries to catch blitzers rather than use his punch. Change of direction abilities aren’t good enough to get defenders off of his tail on routes. Should not be used anywhere but the backfield. Missteps and positioning issues plague his blocks.

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