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Darrell Henderson

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Joshua Harris (Low) – Nyheim Hines (Medium) – Johnathan Franklin (High)

Ability to Create Yardage

Agility is somewhat of a question mark; does not demonstrate the ability to stick his foot in the turf and make hard, crisp cuts. Shimmy extraordinaire; shifts his weight effortlessly to narrow contact points and work through openings. Changes in direction are usually built up; has to recalculate with multiple steps before he reaches his final destination. Lack of lateral movement skills hampers his potential as a bell-cow back; can’t make opponents miss in the open field. Loses control and trips trying to sidestep traffic. Can’t create an escape plan when there is backfield penetration. Somewhat stiff in the hips. Has the foot speed that is desirable for the position; road-runner feet. Has trouble recovering once he begins to lose his balance. Can’t reach far gaps.


Long speed is enough to take it to the house; can break away from most defensive backs in a foot race. Revs up quickly following contact; gets back into gear with immediacy. Erases angles on safeties that don’t come correct at him; borderline uncatchable if the pursuit angle is poor. Stride is a bit short and prevents him from really opening up on longer runs. Has enough juice to turn the corner after working parallel to the line of scrimmage. Rarely gets caught by linebackers in a race to a landmark. Upfield burst is more than adequate. Changes of direction take away a lot of his momentum.


Has enough force to break through arm tackles. Drops his shoulder into contact and forces defenders to pack a punch if they want to bring him down. Lower half doesn’t hold up like his upper body when it comes to surviving hits; done for if he gets wrapped up by a linebacker head on. Size concerns will be a legitimate issue. May be legitimately overwhelmed by NFL play strength. Balance through hits is not adequate. Should not draw any consideration as a short yardage back; too small to push the pile and move bodies. Frame is unlikely to support more weight without limiting his athleticism. Zero leg drive regardless of the situation. Working between the tackles may not be a feasible option at the next level. Won’t go gently out of bounds if he can fight for more yardage; fights to the whistle.


Gets skinny through the hole with no issues, can contort himself to fit through small openings at the line of scrimmage. Can find cutback lanes but misses opportunities due to athletic profile. Decisive in the lanes he chooses. Downhill mentality is suitable to the speed elements in his game. Operated mostly from shotgun or wildcat, which limited his options without a lead blocker from the backfield. Open-field running may need more creativity to find pro success; doesn’t attempt to shake guys with his movements. More of a reactive mover than a proactive one. Must set up second level defenders in advance rather than waiting until they’re at his doorstep. Anticipation needs improved. Iffy patience heading into the interior gaps may be an issue; runs himself into his own blocker’s backs.

Pass Blocking & Receiving

Looks comfortable working out of the backfield as a receiver. Was not given many pass protection reps during his time with the Tigers. Reliable hands even though his technique isn’t pinpoint. Willing to put his body on the line to protect his quarterback; throws himself into the fire as a blocker when asked. Needs to use his hands as his first means of engagement rather than just putting his body in the way. Burst allows him to get off on the wheel route. Yards after the catch aren’t going to be easy to grab given his limited elusiveness. Style doesn’t demand that he gets manufactured touches as a receiver. Can’t get it done with route breaks, and should not be given complex routes. Might simply get overpowered by next level blitzers.

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