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Damien Harris

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Tre Madden (Low) – Jamaal Williams (Medium) – Cedric Benson (High)

Ability to Create Yardage

Questionable recovery ability once he loses his footing; can be knocked out by almost any hit below the knee. Has trouble getting lateral and making defenders miss in space. Limited cutback ability, and he has difficulties when pressured to make changes of direction. Does an excellent job of getting skinny for his size; slides into gaps and forces his way through. Low creative capacity as a runner; touches should not be schemed up to put him into space. Runs with very heavy feet that struggle to make snap adjustments. Can’t dodge backfield penetration once it lands at his doorstep. Issues with hitting jump cuts without losing some control. Issues with running through choppy areas are a bit bewildering. Takes multiple steps to corral himself. Has never received 20+ carries in a game.


Acceleration is not a stand out quality, although it shouldn’t be considered a potential fatal flaw with his game. Patient running style is often mandated by his body’s constraints. Loses almost no momentum when making changes of direction thanks to his measured style. Limited big play potential given how much of a runway he needs to get going. Long speed is stunningly good given how slow his takeoff is. Burst in space has shown much more promise when he plays closer to 210 pounds, but he can’t get the best of both worlds. Not fast enough through the hole to avoid linebackers. Usually unable to turn the corner when working outside runs. Should not consider working east-west and racing towards the sideline on his own volition. Kicks open his stride once he finds room.


Finisher in the hole; consistently rolls forward over defenders to rack up more yardage. Lack of forward lean in his runs may make translating his power to the pros more difficult. Rips through arm tackles without much issue. Finds the gritty yards and picks up change where most backs can’t. Has not proven himself as a pile pusher, largely due to leveraging concerns. With proper work could easily turn into one of the stronger runners in the league; frame is naturally imposing even against linebackers. Attacks weak points and goes for the path of least resistance. While strong enough to stay standing through hits, he rarely sheds defenders entirely once they wrap up. Short yardage back potential is there with refinement. Thick lower half isn’t helpful in staying up while arms are snagging him.


Follows his blockers and takes what is given to him rather than seeking out high risk opportunities. Doesn’t bring anything to the table in regards for creating for himself outside of structure. Paces himself well to avoid extending beyond his capabilities as an athlete. As meat and potatoes as it gets for a back; yardage was formed pretty much entirely by what his line opened up. Bull in a china shop attitude; very limited finesse to his approach. Speeds up as soon as an opening forms; attacking mentality shows up in between the tackles. Rarely makes a mistake with where he takes the ball. Won’t hesitate when making his decisions. Understands his limitations laterally and seeks to avoid them. Comfortable in a dog fight, and stays the course no matter what he has to hit. Always trying to shorten his pathway upfield.

Pass Blocking & Receiving

Assignment sound blocker who puts his body in the way to protect his quarterback. YAC ability is going to be limited by his athletic profile. Has experience catching passes out of the backfield, although they are largely uncontested. Hands are unprepared to engage when he squares up to set his blocks. Quick to get on his horse and go meet blitzers if they break through. Prefers to body block rather than getting adequate hand extension and keeping distance. Size is good enough to match up with pretty much anyone in pass protection. Route-running is basic and would not be worth investing in further. Needs a more controlled approach with blocks. Pass protection awareness will suffice; eyes stay scanning for late arrivals.

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