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Damarea Crockett

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Christian Powell (Low) – Marcus Coker (Medium) – Tre Madden (High)

Ability to Create Yardage

Change of direction is average at best, and he struggles to make hard adjustments. Gets eaten up in the backfield if he isn’t properly protected. Limited recovery ability once he loses his footing and gets out of control. Questionable balance overall. Unable to get skinny and fight his way through smaller gaps. Gets tripped up under his own feet at times; somewhat awkward athlete. Can find ankle flexion under perfect circumstances with wide running lanes. Foot quickness is not at an adequate level. Has a mean stiff arm to keep clean against distance tackles; jabs it out there and sticks defenders. Chopped at the knees often. Routinely leaves yardage on the field by not running harder. Can’t use jump cuts to recalculate his path. Unable to fight through arm tackles in the hole.


No pace control; can’t stop in time to avoid hitting his own guys. Opens up his stride quickly if he can get to the second level. Speed can be sneaky effective when he has a runway out of the backfield; does not possess burner ability but can outrun most linebackers. Not an explosive runner, and has trouble getting upfield after making a cut. Big play potential is not there; not capable of getting past NFL caliber safeties or corners in a straight up race. Loses all of his momentum when making changes of direction. Has to slam the brakes hard if he’s going to make anyone miss. Acceleration through the hole is lackluster. Ability to turn the corner on outside runs is mediocre at best. No extra gear for when he gets sprint opportunities. Looked gassed towards the end of his long touchdown against South Carolina.


No pile pushing ability; can’t move bodies once he gets into a scrum. Downwards rather than forwards, which is disappointing considering he’s a 225 pound back. Well-proportioned frame with thickness in the thighs. Attempts to lower his pads often end up with him plunging into the turf. Mass does not generate power for him, nor does speed. Braces for contact rather than staying tall through it, but only if he sees the hit coming from a good distance away. Amount of plays where he goes down on first contact is shockingly high. Leg drive does not show up on tape. Short yardage situations aren’t going to be his calling card as a pro. Questionable contact balance despite having a good body. Timing when dropping the pads is inconsistent. Goes down even if he wins the battle of wills.


Takes too much time to make decisions; does not process information at a pro speed yet. Runs himself into trouble by overcommitting. Compounds his mistakes by hesitating even after an error. Has to get wide open holes to be comfortable with what he sees. Will need great structure to keep him running in between the lines. Doesn’t take measured steps on his way up to the line of scrimmage. Forces his way to closed holes if the scheme calls for it; doesn’t spot openings in his peripheral. Limitations are going to prevent him from attacking far cutbacks. Meat and potatoes runner who will only take what is handed to him by the blockers. Open-field vision is essentially non-existent. North-south runner without much wasted energy going laterally. Poor reaction speed and instincts.

Pass Blocking & Receiving

Desirable size for a pass protecting back. Thick enough to take a defender’s punch and stand unshaken. Doesn’t look at ease getting out of the backfield. Blocking technique needs refinement. Throws out his shoulder instead of using his hands to maintain distance control. Gets moving to reach breakthrough from across the pocket. Not a natural YAC receiver, and should not be given one-on-one chances with hopes of dodging a corner or safety. Takes too long to get into route breaks. Seems to be late in getting his head around for the ball. Hands are reliable, but he needs to position himself better for the ball. Willing to get involved as a blocker if asked, but doesn’t have the nasty attitude. Not engaged on passing downs.

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