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Corbin Kaufusi

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Bronson Kaufusi (Low) – Jalyn Holmes (Medium) – Stephon Tuitt (High)


A towering man with the build of a demi-god, Kaufusi is more appealing in the individual pieces of his game than as a total package. His physical gifts will likely lead to being overdrafted, but there is a case to make for the investment being worthy. His pass rushing abilities are appealing in a vacuum where only one move is needed to win, but Kaufusi is often delayed and unsuccessful with his rushes. Inability to generate pressure on his own is due to a lack of twitch and no plan of attack with his counters. The length that so frequently benefits him as a run defender is often a weapon against him when getting after the quarterback. While he can control distance effectively and use it to give blockers fits, it takes time for all the moving pieces to get through when he is coming downhill. The length and ability to control range makes him difficult to get past on the edge, causing scrambles to turn into a hellish blunder for most quarterbacks daring enough to go his way. There is good variety to his approach and a hint of nuance in his pass rush, but it is so often ineffective that it’s more of a non-factor in his evaluation. Assuming Kaufusi can become more disciplined with his movements in run defense there is potential for a kick inside to 3-tech. Athleticism isn’t at the level you’d expect for a former basketball player, but he can get the job done. Tackling is like a black hole sucking in backs. If Kaufusi can speed up his rush and incorporate moves together and earlier off the snap it would be unsurprising to see him become a successful pass rusher. He’ll always be a bigger end that will be viewed primarily as a run defender, but he could turn into a 5-7 sack type of player as a pro.

Twitch & Moveset

Push/pull and chop are both effective methods with his rush. Needs to demonstrate better timing and immediacy with his hand usage if he wants to generate pressure. Too slow to get by with his first rush against most linemen; requires counters to win due to lack of short area burst. Swim could be developed into something effective if he can increase his lateral quickness. Hands aren’t overly active but possess great strength; can toss bodies once he gets engaged to a blocker. Takes a moment for the messages to go from the brain to the limbs; reaction time isn’t sufficient. Not explosive enough to draw double teams or warrant extra attention on passing downs. Rarely generated pressures on his own in one-on-ones. Speed to power does not show up on tape often.

Natural Bend & Athleticism

Proportions are downright freakish; comfortable 6’8″ with trees for arms. Experienced playing at outside linebacker, although he will be forced to put his hand in the dirt as a pro. Space occupying terror in the backfield who can put any quarterback into a box. Lacks the acceleration around the corner to beat most tackles. May be able to drop into short coverages in emergencies, but should not be considered a high end athlete. Should be positionally flexible enough to play 3-tech. Average get-off speed will be a concern as a pass-rusher. Needs to demonstrate better closing speed if he wants to generate hits rather than just pressures; can be recover against. Skyscraper that blots out passing lanes when he recognizes the throw coming. Not a particularly bendy guy.

Anchor Strength

Takes on single blockers without giving an inch. Has the frame to add weight and kick inside if so desired by coaching staff; could bulk upwards to 290 pounds without hindering athleticism. Optimal balance for his size, which is demonstrated when dealing with cut blocks. Not necessarily a dancing bear, but can survive choppy waters at the line of scrimmage. Doesn’t have the ability to eat double teams up, but gives a good fight against them. Lack of running lane control is a major concern. Read and reaction is more guess and hope, which makes winning the battle for position tough even against smaller guys. Got flattened by California TE Ian Bunting who’s only about 255 pounds because he did not properly brace for the contact. Leads with his shoulder when dealing with blocks coming from space.


Ability to control distance at the point of attack is impressive. Imposing run defender due to size and strength. Focus is often on winning completely against his blocker rather than finding and snagging the ball-carrier. Late to detach and interrupt as the play passes him by. Tackling radius is going to get coaches raving, but he’ll need to demonstrate better closing speed and angling to reach the runner. Seems to end up behind the 8 ball when attempting to control the path of the runner; gets torqued out to the back side. Frame alone is enough to guarantee finishes. Wraps around runners like he’s going to eat them alive. Limited change of direction ability results in some misses where he overruns an initial angle. Inescapable once he makes clean contact with the ball-carrier. Gang tackler mentality. Screen terror.


Does not halt his rush after the first rush fails; continues to work his hands and push forward. Feet can stall if he is stood up at the contact point; must maintain leverage or risk losing his rush momentum. Can get back into the play from the back side due to pursuit willingness. Fails to power through his angles and close out opportunities; where is the issue given his strength? Has shown capability of running down backs from behind as long as they run into trouble.

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