Bryce Love

Bryce Love

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Corey Grant (Low) – Matt Breida (Medium) – Chris Johnson (High)

Ability to Create Yardage

Lateral agility is there but he doesn’t always make good on it. Can plant his foot in the ground and make hard cuts upfield. More of a turner than a slicer with most of his adjustments. Uses a quality stiff arm to maintain distance as he breaks into space. Big play potential will be electrifying for any offense. Explosiveness is a legitimate “get out of jail free” card. Has the physical tools to be an incredible runner but he doesn’t put it together from snap to snap. Effort and gusto is high variance. May be afraid of pushing his limits due to injury concerns, as it’s the only reason his lulls would make sense. Playing at 100%, he’s probably the most difficult to catch back in the class. Capable of consistently turning the typical three yard gain into a six yard gain. May have been injured against Notre Dame.


Instant home run ability if he gets a hole. Seemed a lot more hesitant to open up his stride in his final season with the Cardinal. Can turn on the turbo in a flash once he identifies a path he wants to attack. Blows past linebackers with ease thanks to excellent acceleration. Must consistently unlock his speed moving to the league, or else he will get swarmed early on in his runs. In all likelihood the fastest runner in this class that has a reasonable chance of contributing for an NFL team. Can erase angles on pretty much anyone; will require great speed on the back end to keep contained throughout a game. Will not lose a straight up sprint to the end zone. Has the speed to turn the corner but needs to stop being passive. Momentum gets shattered immediately on contact. Injuries will define his athleticism on the field.


Undersized at 200 pounds, and does not have the requisite power to run through tacklers. Goes down on first contact on the majority of his rushing attempts. Has been taken out by weak attempts and anklebiting much more frequently in 2018. Frame does not have room to add more weight without severely hindering his athletic abilities. Size concerns are going to get him relegated to a committee role in the league; takes too much damage to ever fit the “workhorse” mold. Drops his pads and goes into hits if there is nothing available; won’t try to skirt around the inevitable. Would rather step out of bounds than finish out runs hard. Goes off course from arm tackles. Surprisingly efficient at falling forward. Oregon game actually demonstrated leg drive and power. Won’t get pushed around by any corners.


Quick processing speed allows him to find backdoors where most backs can’t. Reacts in a timely manner to lanes closing and gets out of the way. Unphased when his pacing is altered and he is forced into action prematurely. Backfield penetration can catch him, but he’s swift to avoid it. Footwork isn’t sloppy, but more precision would help avoid potential snags. Peripheral vision detects incoming traffic without error. Stanford’s proficiency at blocking gave him more opportunities than most college lines in regards to big holes. Patience runs the line of indecisiveness given how quickly he can reach top speed. Too much of a thinker rather than just making moves. A lot less inventive than you’d like for a lighter guy in space. Uncomfortable working towards the sideline; trys to pull it back inside.

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