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Bruce Anderson

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Josh Ferguson (Low) – Montee Ball (Medium) – Sony Michel (High)


A relatively limited runner who has enough juice on passing downs to warrant attention, Anderson doesn’t do anything particularly special to stand out from the crowd at the position. He has enough long speed to make some big plays, although it may not be as likely he does it going against a higher level of competition. In regards to balance, agility, and overall running ability, it’s not pretty. He struggles to keep plays going through initial contact, and doesn’t create yardage when things get nasty. Most of Anderson’s effectiveness comes from getting around the corner and using his speed to pick up chunk yardage, but his athleticism may be overrated due to the level of competition he faced.

Ability to Create Yardage

Straight line runner at his core, and can’t stick his foot in the ground for hard cuts without losing control. Inability to make fast adjustments often leads him into his own blockers if he picks up speed. Hips aren’t loose enough to catch defenders off guard. Has to work his way into cuts with multiple steps in the leadup. Unable to rebound after he gets into trouble with his path. Throws out a decent stiff arm to stay clear of distance tackles. Lacking in foot quickness. Jump cuts won’t get him clear of guys at the next level. Struggles to make changes of direction in quick succession. Lowers the pads if there’s no space to go. Most effective on stretch plays where he can gradually build up momentum and round the corner with some steam. Runs on tracks; doesn’t do well when forced to go off-road.


Surprising speed to get up and go around the corner, although it may be exaggerated because of the competition level in the FCS. Acceleration out of the backfield may not be something he can hang his hat on, but it’s far from an issue with his game. Shorter stride isn’t what you expect from his build. Able to overcome angles against linebackers if he gets a free shot to the sideline. Capable of hitting big plays if his runway is long enough. Inability to maintain speed through small adjustments will likely prevent him from getting returning opportunities. Stop/start ability is disappointing; takes too long to rev up out of changes of direction. More than capable of winning a foot race once he maxes out and reaches top speed.


Usually able to maintain momentum and fall forward rather than get flat-out halted. Doesn’t have the brute strength or contact balance to shrug off defenders and keep a run going at 100%. Looks rather light for a 215 pounder, and may be able to put on more weight to help his power. Not a viable short yardage option. Gets good forward lean prior to entering the mix. Needs to be more consistent in finishing his runs. Gets tripped up too easily, often tumbling to the ground from arm tackles to his lower body. Lacks a nasty edge to his game, and doesn’t try to impose his will against defenders. Somewhat angular build works against him in absorbing contact. Does not demonstrate adequate leg drive to work through a mess. Can’t push the pile forward and create yardage when it gets into a battle of wills.


Doesn’t have the luxury of making creative decisions due to lack of athletic gifts. At ease working between the tackles, and doesn’t panic when forced to confined spaces. Paces his runs rather than going face first into the grinder. Not a natural open space runner, as he doesn’t match up well in one-on-one situations. Will struggle to create opportunities for himself that aren’t blocked open. Has trouble changing lanes and working against the grain when cutbacks are available. Starts to hesitate and question himself if the openings aren’t apparent. Processing must speed up in transition to the pro level. Attempts to dodge hits in the hole rather than try to force his way through. Good reactive ability behind the line of scrimmage; can avoid breakthrough with a quick sidestep. Works well parallel to line of scrimmage.

Pass Blocking & Receiving

Experienced working out of the backfield as a receiver. Squares up with defenders and meets them in the hole with some tenacity. Uses his hands, even though his punch isn’t well developed yet. Likes to dip his head into his block rather than keep his eyes on the target. Contorts himself well to dip past defenders looking to throw off his timing. Does an excellent job of working laterally to cut off pass rushers from the far side of the pocket. Awareness of assignment pre-snap and ability to adjust post-snap as a pass protector stands out. Reveals chest plate to quarterback and makes himself an appealing option. Wheel route extraordinaire; athletic qualities translate perfectly to attacking the seam. Hands are reliable.

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