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Benny Snell Jr.

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Darrel Williams (Low) – Samaje Perine (Medium) – Spencer Ware (High)

Ability to Create Yardage

Lateral movement skills are solid for his weight; gets going east-west at a good pace. Changes of direction are smooth with few unwarranted steps. Rarely bumps into his own guys with poor pathways; finds the easiest lane as a runner and bursts through. Has issues winning in space due to average athletic profile. Quick to diagnose and slide away from backfield penetration; jump cuts to safety if he spots danger during the handoff. Far gaps aren’t reachable for him. Does not possess recovery ability once he loses control. Footwork may not be fast, but it’s composed. Throws out the occasional spin or stiff arm, but he’s mostly just a meat and potatoes runner. Can stick his foot in the dirt and make a slicing cut, albeit with heaviness. Able to string his cuts together if need be.


Won’t blow by anyone on his way into the second level. Acceleration ability is going to be picked apart by NFL teams, and may be the fatal flaw in his game. Met less athletic linebackers at the corner rather than outright winning it. May have issues translating as the game gets faster. One gear runner who can’t kick it up a notch when he gets into the open field. Gets run down by pursuit tacklers. Not a prayer of hitting big plays at the next level; will need to grab his yardage with tough runs rather than huge gains. Reaches his top speed quickly. Stop/start ability isn’t phenomenal, but he can downshift without putting himself into trouble. Doesn’t lose his momentum through changes of direction.


Feature back size at a hefty 220 pounds. Finisher mentality; lowers himself into contact and attempts to deliver hits onto defenders. Not a pile driver, but consistently gets a couple extra yards. Balance sells him out despite his toughness as a runner; too easy to trip up. Natural working between the tackles. Fails to drag would-be tacklers with him upfield once he gets latched onto. Lack of leg drive is incredibly disappointing given his style as a runner. Goes downwards rather than forwards on most of his runs. Absorption of contact often turns out neutral or negative in his favor; fails to put tacklers on their heels and push through them. Seems to shrink when the box gets clogged up. Short yardage back potential isn’t a known commodity. Ran much tougher in the game against Mississippi State.


Comfortable rerouting out of his target gap if it gets flooded, circumvents traffic without hesitation. Quick to shoot towards the sideline when nothing is available inside. Good feel for pacing his run and keeping on time with his blockers. Peripheral vision picks up on potential tacklers coming in from his sides. Adjustments are timely and effective. Very trusting of his blockers, following their lead as far as they can take him. Lacks any dynamic elements as an open field ball-carrier; runs through people rather than around them. Tries to get skinny in between the tackles, but his size is going to make that increasingly difficult. Finds open cutback lanes. Takes what is given to him. Willing to consider his options rather than simply slamming his body into the line of scrimmage. Reliable reactive mover.

Pass Blocking & Receiving

Brings his hands to the party as a blocker. Good extension to keep defenders at a distance. Eyes keep scanning in pass protection; always trying to find where breakthrough is coming in at. Has the mass to match up with blitzers and even edge rushers as a pro. Footwork lacks desired control when setting up for blocks. Pass catching duties are likely off the table given his inability to succeed in space; won’t grab yards after the catch. Feisty lead blocker who gets upfield and goes hunting for targets; locks up guys and runs his legs through the block. Unable to get free if covered by a linebacker when running his routes. Decent hands even though his technique is unrefined. Willing to take on any size defender. Accuracy with punch is questionable.

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