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Ben Banogu

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Walter Stewart (Low) – Josh Carraway (Medium) – Nate Orchard (High)

Twitch & Moveset

Struggles getting off of blocks once he is engaged. Hands aren’t active enough to win with counters. Had almost no explosiveness in his performance against Texas; lethargic slow-burn approach is unacceptable for an edge guy. Get off is too slow to win the corner, as he’s usually one of the last guys coming off the ball. Doomed once his initial rush falls flat. Looked most effective working stunts rather than winning one-on-one matchups. Club move has some potential. Tries to square up with blockers rather than take more appropriate angles. Grossly misused by TCU’s staff; sold out for the run on most snaps. Can’t get his frame off-target from the reset of tackles after a successful counter. Spin and arm-over aren’t effective yet, but could be further developed. Shows no pass rush plan.

Natural Bend & Athleticism

Somewhat undersized frame will prevent him from working with his hand in the dirt as a pro. Closing speed once he gets a lane isn’t impressive. Gets washed out by most blockers in the run game. Gets stood up too easily when trying to bend around the edge. Lacks speed to power potential. Unable to break through blocks and come through gaps cleanly. Wasn’t given as many opportunities to pin his ears back in 2018. Length is acceptable, but nothing outstanding. Moves like a 265 pounder, not a 245 pounder. Decent at recovering from cut block attempts. May not be able to add much more weight to improve his strength as a run defender. Little to no flexibility in the hips to under a lineman. Starts to show some juice when he is given space to get off. Distant control has promising moments.


Gets involved with passing lanes from the line of scrimmage; hands are up quick enough to force changes in release angle. Lacks the movement skills necessary to play a true off-ball linebacker role at the next level. Unable to reach his landmarks when dropping back into coverage. Man coverage is not on the table; would get dusted by any skill player with two good legs. Changes of direction aren’t reliable; can’t recalculate without losing control. Has issues closing in on running backs on pitches to the outside, and has no business trying to match them step for step. Not big enough to occupy much airspace on shorter zone coverages. Looked more mobile against Oklahoma than Texas; may have been limited by injuries in the latter game. Decent reactive ability to snuff out screens in the backfield.


Has trouble disengaging from blockers to get a piece of the ball-carrier. Tackle radius is average, although his pursuit skills need work. Wait and see approach to dealing with runner’s path is a problem given how long it takes to shed. Can’t catch up to ball-carriers after they get past him, as his unnatural open-field movements hinder him. Wings his body around the target rather than driving through on contact. Seems strong enough to bring down most runners, but must hit more accurate to avoid slipping off the back side. Finishes the job if he gets a chance to hit the quarterback; comes through strong as the quarterback releases. Tries to be a wrap-up tackler, even though his wrap misses center mass too much. Can’t get skinny into gaps to win with penetration. Might need help against power backs.


Not a backside pursuit hustler. Doesn’t move with a sense of urgency on most snaps. Run defense lacks activity, and he doesn’t play with a disruptive edge. Not much killer instinct in his rushes; won’t turn on the jets once the quarterback is in sight. Gets walked out of the way by any decent interior lineman on his stunt attempts; frequently exits stage left without much of a fight. May be limited more by his athleticism than his effort, as he won’t quit plays early and miss opportunities to get back in it. Recovers quickly from stumbles or slips when trying to finish through blocks, immediately getting back into pursuit. Will win most of his sacks on effort at the next level, not physical talent.

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