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Alexander Mattison

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Comps – Low/Medium/High

Kyle Hicks (Low) – Jamaal Williams (Medium) – Alex Collins (High)

Ability to Create Yardage

Grabs the dirty yards that most backs struggle to get; runs through the trash pile and fights for every inch. Recovers quickly and resumes his run without much issue; impressive body control if he gets knocked off course. One cut runner who has trouble stringing them together when called upon. King of the hurdle in this class; loves going up and over defenders. Benefited from wider lanes than the ones he’ll be receiving as a pro. Agility is not at a high enough level to make guys miss in the open field on a consistent basis. Has trouble making sharp changes of direction that require immediacy and precision. Game has some wiggle to it. Throws a tiny stutter step to get defenders thinking before he reaches their tackle radius. Functional at getting skinny and working through smaller openings.


Acceleration ability is average at best, and it is often further mitigated by his tendency to interrupt pacing. Only two speeds are top and bottom; needs a more measured approach. Athletic traits do not suggest a future working outside of the tackles unless he’s given receiving touches. Can’t turn the corner and get upfield without being snagged. Long runs aren’t common for him. Will likely have to be utilized as a bellcow who can wear down the defense. Lacks an extra gear in sprint situations. Loses momentum immediately once he runs into contact. Doesn’t have the juice to run east-west effectively. Opens up his stride a bit once he gets into foot races, but it won’t prevent him from being caught even at advantageous angles. Some defensive breakdown has to occur if he’s going to hit big plays.


Possesses feature back size with a frame that can take NFL punishment. Has room to add more weight if necessary, although he’s near the threshold of maxing out. Capable of carrying a heavy workload if it’s demanded. Excellent at getting low into hits and halting defenders in their tracks. Contact balance when hit from the sides isn’t outstanding, but he can eat almost any head-on shot if it’s not a wrap up. Falls forward on the majority of his reps. One of the nastier stiff arms in the class when it is deployed. Won’t drag defenders with him for extra yards. Jump in the physical strength of competition could lead to him being an easier out than he was at Boise State. More tough than he is imposing. Frame isn’t compact, which makes it easier to chop out his lower half. Not a natural pile pusher.


Reacts well to what is ahead of him; gets lateral immediately when breakthrough happens at the line of scrimmage. Inconsistent mentality in how hard he hits the hole is concerning. Too many false steps leading up to the line creates missed chances; has to become more trustworthy of his blocking. Lack of urgency allows for backside pursuit to catch up on runs that it shouldn’t. Choppy running style doesn’t lend itself to exact movements. Open-field running isn’t special, but he’s unpredictable in one-on-one matchups. Patience often runs the line of indecisiveness. Wants to survey his options rather than just see hole, hit hole. Not tied to working any one lane; effective on two-way gos. Downhill attitude even though he has moments of hesitation with pace. Can’t reach cutback lanes easily.

Pass Blocking & Receiving

Lacks the explosiveness out of the backfield to generate immediate separation if he is being tracked by a linebacker. Should not be considered working in the slot due to physical limits. Gets on his horse in pass protection to reach cross-pocket blocks and keep his quarterback clean. Head is on a swivel in search of potential danger. Poor technical tendencies prevent him from deterring most pass rushers in their approach. Uninterested in putting defenders on their back and playing mean on passing downs. Too easily jarred by initial contact. No calling card to rely on if it isn’t a rushing down. Will need screens or checkdowns to get opportunities as a pass catcher. Body of work doesn’t match physical potential as a blocker.

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