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2020 Mock Draft 1.0

This mock is based on the big board and the ranking comes from That is all.

1. Miami Dolphins
Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon

I know Tua is supposed to be #1 but I was beyond blown away with what I saw in the arm talent on Herbert. Beyond that, nothing about the Dolphins or O’Shea for that matter really screams Tua. Let’s just get incredibly talented pocket passer to build around. This, of course, is assuming Rosen doesn’t pan out… but maybe then too.

2. Cincinnati Bengals
Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabam

The Bengals on the other hand are a different story. With new head coach Zac Taylor at the helm, the only regret will be that they couldn’t have gotten Tua a year earlier.

3. Arizona Cardinals
Chase Young, EDGE, Ohio State

At some point we’ll need to look to help Murray with some IOL and WR help but getting Chase is too perfect. Not only do we lock up our QB and edge rusher of the future in back to back drafts but Suggs and Chandler Jones aren’t exactly spring chickens. Chase and Chandler are going to absolutely tear up the league for the next two years.

4. New York Giants
Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama

The very glaring reality that the Giants let ODB walk and then spend a high first to draft him again has me just confused enough to think this might be the perfect pick. I almost stopped myself when I questioned whether a WR would go at 5. Then I remembered ole’ Davey drafting a RB #2 overall. I might just write this one in permanent marker.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jake Fromm, QB, Georgia

I know Bucs fans hate this but I was over this Jameis Winston experiment a long time ago. I think Bruce Arians will give her the ole’ college try (that’s not a shot at Jameis) and at the end of the day will conclude what he already knew. This team isn’t going to be a serious contender until they replace Jameis.

6. Oakland Raiders
Derrick Brown, DL, Auburn

I know y’all love Maurice Hurst and that’s fine. He’s a fine player. I just ask that you take a look around the league and notice the trend to not just have 1 or 2 talented defensive linemen, but to STACK talent along the defensive line. Look at teams like the Eagles and Jaguars that can’t ever seem to have enough.

Hurst will be fine. Brown will be great.

7. Detroit Lions
A.J. Epenesa, EDGE, Iowa

Adding Trey Flowers is going to go a long way in improving the pass rush but he’s still really all the Lions have right now. Robinson, Harris, and Hand are fine against the run but offer close to nothing in the pass rush department. Bringing in Epenesa has the potential of giving the Lions possibly the best pass rush duo in the NFC North. And that’s not a bad thing.

8. Washington Redskins
Grant Delpit, S, LSU

I want very badly to give Haskins some help but there are two very real things that aren’t allowing me to do that. First is the massive glaring need at safety next to Landon Collins. The other is the utter embarrassment that I feel allowing Grant Delpit to fall this far. He’s one of the guys in the “special” category and I would guess it’s unlikely he even makes it this far in the draft.

9. TRADE Jacksonville Jaguars via Buffalo
Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia
Jaguars Give 3rd (78) and 5th (142)

Yes a trade. It might seem absurd but you know what else is absurd? The Bills drafting a left tackle and Andrew Thomas falling any further. Both of those are absurd and they both can’t NOT happen here. Ya, ya, I know Jags fans, you drafted Jawaan Taylor and he’s going to be fine on the right side but there’s more work to do. I think for a ground and pound team, finding our star left tackle is pretty crucial.

10. Denver Broncos
C.J. Henderson, CB, Florida

This was tough. I actually got on the phone and tried to deal the pick but couldn’t find anything. Ultimately I settled on this and I’m pretty happy with it. Right now Fangio is dealing with two question marks on the boundary. Harris is an elite corner but doesn’t have long to go before retirement and Yiadom is an unproven talent. If Yiadom takes a big step this year we have 4 really good corners. Sue me! If not, we have Harris, Henderson, and Callahan in the slot, with Yiadom aiming for Harris’ spot when he leaves.

Either way we’re looking at possibly the best DC in the game directing maybe the best corner group in football. Best of luck to the rest of the AFC West.

11. Carolina Panthers
Walker Little, OT, Stanford

I considered going in a different direction here but am going to trust the young talent to keep developing. Instead, I’m going with the top guy on the board to come in and play left tackle for us. This is nothing against Taylor Moton, I think he’s fantastic but we’re going to go ahead and move him to right tackle. It’s not his first time taking snaps at RT so let’s put him there and let him be one of the most dominant right tackles in the game and fortify this offensive line, something I think is extremely important for the Panthers going forward.

12. New York Jets
Laviska Shenault, WR, Colorado

What an absolute dream for the Jets. They have invested a ton on the defense and then went out and got Bell at running back but after the dust settled, their poor QB still has nobody to throw to. Then, just like that, Shenault falls into their lap at pick 12. This was a no brainer.

13. San Francisco 49ers
Isaiah Simmons, S/LB, Clemson

Seeing “LB” is going to set some people off but Simmons is a do-everything player. One play he’s a safety, the next he’s playing off ball LB, the next he’s firing off the edge. If the 49ers want to just plug him in as a safety and upgrade the position, fine, but I think having a guy that can play safety and then drop to LB and play with Kwon and company can be a really good move to not just upgrade a position but upgrade the defense as a whole.

14. Buffalo Bills (via Jax)
Tyler Biadasz, OG, Wisconsin

It’s really tempting to follow the Jets lead and grab a WR here but looking at the board there are quite a few left and I’m thinking there will be some available in the second round. Instead I’m looking at a position that doesn’t have anywhere near the depth of talent in the draft and is equally as dire if not more so than our wide receiver issues.

15. Tennessee Titans
Raekwon Davis, DT, Alabama

Personally, I love Raekwon. He is the personification of raw power. My concern is that teams will see him as another big Alabama run defender and he ends up sliding to the mid or later portion of the first round, similar to what happened here. Either way, the Titans could use the help. Casey is a freak and Cam Wake hasn’t shown signs of slowing down in his old age but finding young talent on this defensive front is like trying to find pineapple on my pizza. It’s not there.

16. Seattle Seahawks
Bryce Hall, CB, Virginia

I’m more and more impressed with the Seahawks and Russell Wilson every year. The offensive line eroded to nothing followed quickly but the corners, defensive line, and safeties. With the exception of Duane Brown, I’m not sure anything has been done to stop the bleeding, yet the Seahawks keep finding a way to stay in contention.

That said, I’m going to stray from the John Schnieder mold and see if we can build this bad boy back up.

17. Atlanta Falcons
Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson

I really can’t speak as to what exactly went wrong last year but I know this is still a very talented roster. I would like to be able to add some pass rush help off the edge but this is a rare offensive talent year in the draft and we’re going to take what the draft is giving us. Etienne is special and is heads and tails better than the 2019 crop. With the talent along the offensive line, at QB, and at WR, Etienne is going to fit in seamlessly and cause all kinds of problems for any defense trying to find a way to stop the Falcons.

18. Minnesota Vikings
Yetur Gross-Matos, EDGE, Penn State

This feels impossible. I’d like to help upgrade the linebackers because I see them as a bit overrated but the Vikings signed them each to 50 year extensions. I wouldn’t mind doing the same at corner but supposedly they are considering extending both Waynes and Alexander. The offensive tackle hunt is over for now and taking a WR in the first is ridiculous.

I figured the only safe way out of this, since a trade wouldn’t be possible here, would be to fall back on the old adage “you can never have too many pass rushers”.

Realistically this isn’t a bad grab. Although a reach on the board, Matos has that sort of Miles Garrett feel to him. The talent isn’t there quite yet but he’s got that long and freakish thing goin’ on that makes me think he could shoot up the boards. Either way the Vikings won’t regret adding another guy off the edge and hopefully, if they’re smart, they can stop throwing money at their veterans and let a young buck come in and make hay for cheap.

19. Baltimore Ravens
Dylan Moses, LB, Alabama

My gut instinct is to help out my QB but the linebacker situation in Baltimore isn’t great and really, I tend to think success for the Ravens is going to continue to run through the defense. So in a way, this is absolutely supporting our QB.

Overall, if Moses can hit, this is a decent enough roster to make some noise. It really just depends on how far Lamar can take them.

20. Houston Texans
Trey Smith, OT, Tennessee

I can’t speak to the health issue that Trey Smith has at the moment but assuming he’s healthy the Texans have quite a bit to choose from in terms of tackle talent. Ideally we can plug Smith in as our left tackle and that very well may happen but I’m okay assuming Tytus Howard pans out because Smith has played all over the offensive line and would slot in just fine as our right tackle.

21. Pittsburgh Steelers
Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson

JuJu is the man, no question, but I’m a little unsure about the other talent. James Washington was far from good enough as a rookie and Moncrief isn’t exactly aging like wine. If we can bring in another real threat for this offense we can blow this thing wide open.

22. Green Bay Packers
Mekhi Becton, OT, Louisville

It’s not the most exciting pick but that is sort of what makes it a Packers pick. Drafting a flashy wide receiver in the first round really just isn’t a thing for Green Bay. Instead, they do the responsible adult thing drafting a solid player with right and left tackle experience to replace Bryan Bulaga at right tackle. Packers fans will sulk but ultimately understand it’s for the best. Also his name is fantastic.

23. Dallas Cowboys
Albert Okwuegbunam, TE, Missouri

Bringing Witten back is real sweet and all but maybe we just go out and find one that’s still good… No, that’s it, that’s the whole thing.

24. Cleveland Browns
Trey Adams, OT, Washington

Adams is unquestionable a great player but injury and age are going to cause teams like the Packers to skip him and look to players like Becton. Not Dorsey. Dorsey see problem, Dorsey fix problem.  He’s not afraid to add elite talent to his teams, that much is without question.

25. Indianapolis Colts
Javon Kinlaw, DT, South Carolina

The Colts are one of the most complete rosters in the NFL but the defensive line is still incomplete. Fortunately in this offensive feeding frenzy called the 2020 draft, one of the top defensive talents falls to pick 25 and the Colts are right there to take advantage.

26. Los Angeles Chargers
Jacob Eason, QB, Washington

I have no idea when Rivers is planning to hang em up and in no way is this a swipe at him but the Chargers have got to start looking to a Rivers-less Chargers team at some point. No disrespect to Easton Stick or Cardale Jones but are we going to actually try to find a top tier talent or just keep messing around with guys that fall to us in the 4th and 5th round?

27. Philadelphia Eagles
Nick Coe, EDGE, Auburn

The Eagles can not get enough defensive line talent and Coe is going to add to that, giving the Eagles not just another edge guy to put with Graham, Curry, and Barnett, but at 290 pounds he can and will play all over the defensive line.

As to why I would go this route when they already have so many, that’s simple. I don’t want to have a bare shelf when the cap starts to squeeze. By consistently adding new talent at the position we can move on from some of the older more expensive talent and n

28. Oakland Raiders (Chi)
Tylan Wallace, WR, Oklahoma State

The Raiders once again capitalize on the Khalil Mack trade and once again add talent to this offense that just last year added Trent Brown, Antonio Brown, and Josh Jacobs. If Carr can’t steer this offense in the right direction it might be time to find a new driver.

29. New Orleans Saints
Kristian Fulton, CB, LSU

The Saints are another team with a near complete roster but in 2019 (2020) having just one corner isn’t going to cut it. Lattimore is no joke but Eli Apple… well I’m not going to call him a joke but I’ll happily replace him if the opportunity arose. If Fulton can be an instant starter the Saints will have a top 5 group in just about every position in football.

30. Kansas City Chiefs
Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama

Unlike the Saints, the Chiefs are not a complete team. Fortunately for them, they have one of the scariest offenses the NFL has had in some time. By adding a quality corner to their squad they have a very good chance of hoisting the Lombadi at the end of the year.

31. Los Angeles Rams
Kenny Willekes, EDGE, Michigan State

I think it’s safe to say Clay Matthews isn’t the answer at outside linebacker. Fortunately, we’ve found a solution in Kenny Willekes. He’s kinda like Clay but a much younger version.

32. New England Patriots
Ceedee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma

The Patriots did get N’Keal Harry last year and that’s great but Lamb will be the Edelman replacement. He’ll be the perfect compliment to N’Keal in 2 WR sets, and then will slide inside in 11 personnel.  He’ll get a ton of receptions, fly all over the field, frustrate defensive coordinators and fans all over the league and help Brady get his 50th Super Bowl ring.


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